Please, Adopt This Game: Game Dev Tycoon

"There is a plethora of AAA titles constantly streaming the market, finding homes and whatnot, while there are quite a few indie games finally receiving the attention they so deserve. However, a handsome number of video games are left beaten and abandoned – left to fend for themselves. Games that, no matter how much time or love goes into them, can never seem to find their way into the homes of gamers who may very well enjoy them." - MoxxiontheMoon

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Hipp01351d ago

I played Game Dev Tycoon and absolutely loved it, I wish it had been longer but then you always find that about games you enjoy.

Thirteen1351d ago

I'm desperately hoping for a sequel myself. I'll just have to settle for mods, I suppose.

9argav21351d ago

lost an entire week playing it,
there is also a similar game for mobile :D