IGN's Cast of Characters: Chrono Trigger DS

Welcome to another edition of Cast of Characters. Here at IGN Stars, it's not often they give this treatment to 13-year-old games. Chrono Trigger is an exception. In case you missed the big announcement yesterday, Square-Enix will be porting the game to the Nintendo DS in time for a holiday 2008 release.

IGN expect there were many gamers who were either too young or just too distracted to enjoy the game when it was released on the SNES and Playstation. Maybe it's been so long since you played the game that you've forgotten the characters altogether. Fear not. This feature breaks down all the members of Crono's ragtag band and what their connection to the greater conflict is.

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Lucreto3697d ago

Never played the game as it never released in Europe so I will definitely will get it.

LaChance3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

never got to play it for the same reason.
But I dont have a DS.
They should bring it to PSP.

Homicide3697d ago

Same here. Buying a DS for it. Heard lots of great things about it.

Skerj3697d ago

I wouldn't read this if you haven't played CT (SHAAAME, just kidding) and you intend on getting the DS version, massive spoilers abound. I hope the stuff that couldn't make it in the original gets put in the DS version since the cart size is larger and they've been doing full remakes of Final Fantasy 1-5 repeatedly. So CT should get the same love or MORE love.