Nintendo says Wii on track to meet targets

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Nintendo Co. Ltd. is on track to meet its target of selling 4 million units of its Wii game console globally by the end of the year, with the potential for exceeding that goal limited only by manufacturing constraints, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said on Wednesday.

"All systems are go for reaching the 4-million target we have in our financials by December 31," he said at the Reuters Media Summit in New York. "We will sell everything we make so now it's simply a manufacturing thing."

Nintendo on Tuesday said it had sold 600,000 Wii consoles in the first eight days after its November 19 release in the Americas -- and that Wii-related revenue, including games and accessories, had hit $190 million.

"Exceeding (sales targets) is going to be challenging based on manufacturing capacity," he added. "We will sell everything we make so now it's simply a manufacturing thing."

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MicroGamer4373d ago

I mean in a month and a half they are expecting to sell 4 million?? They still need to sell another 3.4 million in one month. They have their European launch coming on the 8th of Dec., but I still think that is a lot to expect, even over the Christmas season.

PS360WII4372d ago

Like the man said, it's just a manufacturing thing. They just need to tap in 400k over here in the states for a mill, Europe is getting a whole slue of them and judging that the DS is selling like hotcake most likely they are hot on the heels of the Wii. Speaking of people who love Nintendo stuff Japan still gets it's launch and you know they're buying. Plus all the other locals for the worldwide launch they have. 4 million... they could do it.
But I believe in the 20 million DS sales a little bit more though