Steam Hits New Record For Concurrent Users - Over 8 Million Steam Users Online Simultaneously

While PSN and Xbox Live are down due to various DDoS attacks, Valve’s digital platform has managed to hit a new record for concurrent users.

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traumadisaster1395d ago

In last 8 years Steam has been down for me, I think maybe, twice and I have 350 games and use it daily.

Live jacks me up monthly and sits and spins for minutes just trying to log on, on a wired 50mb. Don't use psn much so hasn't effected me.

I think the harder core console gamers in a certain subset are including pcs to their hobby.

Str8Chaos741395d ago

Plus you can play your games offline.

Neixus1395d ago

I'm all for PC, buut you can play games offline on consoles..

bumnut1394d ago


He means digital games, you can't play them offline on console (I think)

Claudiafox1395d ago

@Neixus I can´t play my ps4 digital games without internet, and i just discovered that two days ago.

Ripsta7th1395d ago

Set the PS4 as your primary console!!! It wont ask you for a licence ever untill your plus runs out
I always see people complain about this, how hard is it to google it?!?!

ssj271395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

And how is that i do play all my digital games offline at work where i dont have internet? Magic? Luck? stop giving stupid lies.. I dislike paying for psn+ but at least get to play many games and if i dont like any i just dont but there is always good games to play for free and that helps to balance things up. The free games do help to make paying online ok enough but i will have like to not be force but the sheeps pay and i have to join and adapt sadly. Maybe onr day I will play on pc but they are stressful and get outdated in no time. Is just not confortable to play on a pc plus super expencive. Did i say stressful? Not everyone want to stress itself finding out what plugin we need and how to setuo things and all that drama. Most want to just plug the console and play and if is a update, all I need to do is press ok and every happens by itself without stressful searchs and etc.

ThatIrishGamer1395d ago

I'm sure they're all enjoying playing League Of Legends and other such keck.

Consoles have the games.

Still Solitaire is a good PC exclusive.

Str8Chaos741395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

You mean games like Destiny lol. All the big ones are multi platform and much better on PC.

Oschino19071395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

But are they all available on Steam?

Pyro2000x1395d ago

Hmm Destiny & GTA5 are not even on the PC this year.

Xristo1395d ago

That makes total sense since League of Legends isn't even on Steam. Go back under your bridge.

kingduqc1395d ago

league isn't even on steam...

FromTheAshes1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

"I'm sure they're all enjoying playing League Of Legends" and Dead Rising 3 and Lococycle and PvZ: Garden Warfare and Titanfall and Ryse and Street Fighter V...Oh wait! Aren't many of those games console "exclusives"?

Rifkens1390d ago


How is Sunset Overdrive btw lol

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MAULxx1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Steam has awesome holiday sales no doubt but I prefer my physical collection on my chosen console as oppose to someone else having my game collection behind the DRM wall.
Having said that, I do pay my $50 a year for PS+. I don't pay it so I can play online. I pay it to get the six games every month.
Two for PS3, two for PS4 & two for Vita "Every month." 72 games every year for less than the price of one new game. Yes they are digital games behind a DRM/pay wall but that's such a good deal I don't mind the fee.
Steam does have some nice features. It should. They've been building on it for years. Still, it has nothing worth giving up my physical game collection for, that I can play anytime, online or off. Internet or not, at least, right now. That may change in the future.
If you chose to game on PC you pretty much have to like Steam. What other choice do you have? I know there are other options but everyone waves the Steam banner like Valve's doing you some big favor by letting you use it free. It's DRM with perks. It made the transition to digital only easier. So if your gaming on PC, your probably going to be on steam often.
On console, I don't need the internet, unless it's Destiny, but that's a whole other can of worms I won't open right now.
I keep ranting about internet reliance creeping into console games but no one's going to listen.
Steam is miles ahead & more stable than PSN or XBL.
MS & Sony need to get it together this generation if they really want to have this always connected structure.
But, I don't game so I can play online. Single player games are most important to me. I do like co-op too. Multiplayer has become worthless to me. I don't play it anymore. Co-op & MP can be done split screen or lan. Anyway, I've rambled long enough & all over the place :)
Congrats if you read all this. You get a digital cookie ( )! Digital cookies aren't as good as physical ones are they?

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