Ratchet and Clank on Playstation 4 is a Complete Reimagining


PlayStation Experience has just ended and with it, no sign of Insomniac’s Ratchet and Clank PS4 game that’s currently in the works. On Twitter, however, there seems to be some confusion as to what Insomniac is actually making, and when you’ll see the game in action.

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equal_youth1192d ago

I really liked the humor of the previous games. i hope they can stay true to the original and also put something new into it.

Abash1192d ago

I think "complete re-imagining" is a stretch, it's probably just a re-imagining of what happened when Ratchet met Clank. Like brand new events, characters, and story elements. It'll still be very much true to the Ratchet & Clank we know and love

pivotplease1192d ago

I'm hoping that the story isn't re-imagined too much because characters like Drek and Skid were some of the best characters in the whole franchise. I would go as far as to say the first R&C had the best and most meaningful story. The Future series had a lot of promise by looking into the two characters' heritages, but I ultimately found where it led to disappointing in ACiT. Although Tools of Destruction did deliver one of the most well-rounded gameplay/story experiences and is definitely one in my top 3 for the series.

bmf73641192d ago

The movie is the retelling of the first game. I imagine the PS4 game riding off of it as a sequel or something

bouzebbal1191d ago

i also think like you, it's like a new beginning again. They have been exploring uncharted waters with Q-force and All4One, so i think they're going back to platforming with a brand new story.

i'm looking forward to seeing the result. It might come at the same time as the movie.

medman1192d ago

When was a new Ratchet and Clank announced? I completely missed that particular announcement....

tlougotg1192d ago

It was announced like a year ago or more. Insomniac said that it was the ps4 exclusive they were making. This is very old news.

As for the ;ast good Insomniac game before Sunset, it would have to go to Resistance 3. Resistance 3 was way better than 2 sp wise and one of the best sps i played last gen.

jb2271192d ago


Totally agree, Resistance 3 was amazing & definitely underrated. Love to try Sunset but I'm not sure it can compete w/ Resistance 3 for me, that was some of the most fun I've ever had playing an FPS. I'm optimistic for Battlefield:Hardline as well actually because Visceral killed on Dead Space so hopefully they'll bring some of that story driven magic to the new series

Great username by the way

1192d ago
bouzebbal1191d ago

no it was announced at e3 together with the movie trailer.

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Jdoki1192d ago

Hmmm, 'reimagining'. Normally those words would strike dread in to me! Reimagining Transformers. Reimagining Ninja Turtles.

Normally I equate reimagining with destroying the good memories from when I was young!

Fingers crossed Ratchet and Clank will survive the reimagining unscathed. I could handle a fresh take on the story. But I'd hate to see an edgier, or more child-friendly take on the duo.

mushroomwig1192d ago

'Normally I equate reimagining with destroying the good memories from when I was young!'

See, I don't get that. The memories you have are still there and will always be there.

pivotplease1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Yeah... but for most people the nostalgia becomes somewhat tainted and distorted by new products. Like Rise Against albums after the fourth one have completely turned me off the band and I don't quite have the same respect and appreciation for them as I once did, though I will give them the odd biannual listen.

On the other hand, I absolutely despise FFXII and XIII, but I still thoroughly enjoy I through XI (except for maybe II and III), so maybe you're right. It is sad to see what some of these franchises are reduced to though.

Jdoki1192d ago

There's a large dollop of hyperbole in my statement for sure. :)

Yeah,the memories will be there, but it's more how the reimaginings become the norm. So if you talk to some kids about Transformers, their relationship with it started with the Michael Bay films, not the original comics from way back or the 80's cartoon movie. And it's even worse when you show them the older / original stuff and they say they are rubbish and prefer the new :) It may not destroy memories, but it certainly stings!!

pivotplease1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

I know what you mean. It seems entirely possible since the franchise is supposed to cater to a younger age group. I just hope it can remain true to its roots. I'm also hoping they don't pull things from SSO because that could ruin it (unless we're just talking about a really intense grinding platforming section). Kind of like when they pretty much took the art style from R&C and applied it to R2. I actually loved the game but the art direction just felt wrong.

Lord_Frieza1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Reimagined like Sonic Boom?!
Hopefully not 😖😖😖

hkgamer1192d ago

transformers and ninja turtles was more of a reboot in my opinion.

reimagining is more inline with original but with slight things changed.

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CaptainSellers1192d ago

I just hope Insomniac nail and get it right, for me personally they haven't produced an above average game for a long time.

BabyObama1192d ago

Sunset overdrive its a pretty fun game
But before that the last game they made that I liked was R2

CaptainSellers1192d ago

Can't speak for it as I haven't played it but it does look fun.

I've played every insomniac game since R2, Fuse was dreadful, R&C Nexus was alright, R3 was pretty good as well I guess, maybe I was a little harsh.

But still, Spyro 1-3 and R&C 1-3 and The future games are the pinnacle of Insomniac imo.

MasterCornholio1192d ago

I hope that big green idiot is in it.


LordMaim1192d ago

Captain Quark is awesome, both in a good and bad way. :)

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