Uncharted 4: "Wind Physics" And Nathan Drake Character Model Screens Show The True Power Of PS4

GearNuke: "Check out the wind physics in action for Uncharted 4 and a realistic looking model of Nathan Drake."

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LordofYogurt1262d ago

Stop it Naughty Dog for the love of science the bar can't go any higher!

ShugaCane1262d ago

As much as I love the UC franchise, I'm already thinking at what they could do with a TLOU sequel. And then I think about Joel, and Ellie, and I want to cry.

Oooooh ND, why are you so good at your job...

inveni01261d ago

It's about time someone's good at their job. If it can't be the government, at least it's someone in video games!

bloop1261d ago

Same here. As much as I'm looking forward to Uncharted, just give us something on a TLOU sequel. Even just to know it's in the works.

Wizard_King1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

OMG wind physics so Nathans hair now moves more realistically (Tactically poops my pasts)



Really still going to be a hallway game with a good story and weak gameplay elements. Dumb AI with infinte ammo, guns that can't be picked up, walls that you can just walk into. All the usual stuff.

Bargain bin week 12 people, bargain bin week 12, that's where all Uncharted games wind up. Save the cash buy it 2nd hand.

ND have you people eating out of their hands with a few screen shots that in all reality don't look that wow inducing. Looks like heavy rain from PS3 to me. Funny that some hair in a hallway is evidence to you lot of the PS4's power, when really it shows me how weak it really is. If it was a powerfull machine this game would be a sprawling open world full of thing to do with new gameplay elements. But its just Uncharted 3.5 with sexy hair lol.

lol true power, just lol, 30FPS is true power lolololol.

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Jason_Plays_PC1262d ago

I loved how the combat was as fluid as ever..Sliding down the mud slide into a shooting animation and then jumping across was so cool.

Meltic1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

It looks Amazing. May beat the ryse Graphics ?

ltachiUchiha1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

It will surpass Ryse in all areas. One thing for sure it will win many more awards then it. GUARANTEED. Not being a uncharted fanboi either just being, "HONEST".

Assassingamer1361261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Are you serious...Ryse? This game blows it away graphically, only thing competing against this game graphically is the order 1886

WeAreLegion1261d ago

Killzone: Shadow Fall already looks better. Not to mention Driveclub and infamous: Second Son. Are you talking about the PC version? Because it looks better. Still not the best looking game out there though.

bouzebbal1261d ago

since when is Ryse a graphical standard? Can you compare

to this?

notice that i took a screen from PSX which is a pre-alpha build far from the final result.

ravencry1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

@abzdiine lol keep the fanboysim out

foliage is better than uncharted 4

even facial model is better

uncharted 4:

compression makes it even bad but ryse and uncharted 4 are pretty close





Gamingbolt called, they want their bad unrealistic comparisons based on compressed images in weird sizes back...

tlougotg1261d ago

Ryse? lol I think given Ryse linearity games like Infamous and killzone already beat it out not only looking exing exceptional but having a more open world. As a matter of fact top dog in graphics right now isnt any of those but a racing game by the name of :Driveclub" that game looks photo realistic!

ziggurcat1261d ago


oh dear... did you take a photo of the last two images from uncharted (which are the same because you posted it twice) on your phone and then just repost them? because that's not what the game looked like at all.

and what's the matter... couldn't find a low resolution facial model of nathan drake?

i'm also pretty sure your ryse foliage sceencaps are from the PC version... abzdiine's facial screencaps are from gameplay, as well, not from tech demos.

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Clunkyd1261d ago

I think this and Driveclub beats anything else out there, visually.

Give_me_head_strong1261d ago

Lord of Yogurt- So the bar is set at 30fps? You're funny, lol.

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-Foxtrot1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I honestly can't wait to see what Elena and Sully look like.

I hope it dosen't mean, with the inclusion of Troy Baker as Drakes brother that Elena will be getting a smaller part

Since it's most likely the last game I would of preferred it to be focused on all three just like Drakes Fortune. Elena needs to be with him from the start and sets out on the adventure with him.

Snookies121262d ago

It's all these little details that add up to make this game look incredible. One of the best looking games so far, and it's still got a year of polish left to go.

diepdiep1262d ago

At first, I thought the thumbnail was an actual photo...

Travis37081262d ago

That chest hair! Nathan looking manly!!!