Will Games Ever Be Art?

There is dust covering the walls, floor, ceiling and everything in between. Small particles of it are illuminated by the dull glow of one hundred stuttering lamps. A door opens and two hooded acolytes enter, shuffling their feet in small cloth slippers. They pass between rows and rows of artefacts, all categorised and stored for safekeeping. Suddenly one stops, holding up a hand for the other to do so too.

“What is it?” whispers the younger of the two.

“The greatest achievement of our past,” the elder replies. ”A work of a true artist.”

Reverently he lifts a small rectangular item from its place amidst burning incense and candles. As its details come into view, the younger acolyte gasps.

“Who designed such beauty?”

The elder, tears wet in his eyes, sets the copy of Half-Life 3 back in its place.

“His name was Gabe Newell.”

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NerdStar71346d ago

Nice, another crappy article about gaming and art. How many this year now? All these gaming sites do is talk about the same exact crap and click-bait every bit of news they can to get dat extra advertisement money.

Bring something original to the table, bitches.

thorstein1345d ago

Exactly. How this is even a question anymore is even more "crappy."

Someone doesn't understand the definition of art, and it isn't us.

Magnus1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Great titles are an art right from the characters the voices that fit the characters. The music the scenes the story behind the title. Are all forms of art right down to the picture on the package to the instruction booklet. Nobuo Uematsu is an artist with his music in the Final Fantasy franchise. Yasunori Mitsuda is an artist in Xenogears, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Surge. Akiko Shikatas music fits perfectly with the Ar Tonelico franchise.

Video games might not hang up next to some picture of color splotches or next to the Mona Lisa but in a form they are an art and it takes all these great talents to bring the game to the console.

SpiralTear1346d ago

They already are. End of argument.