The PlayStation Experience Will Inevitably Lead To The Xbox Experience

Sony's “PlayStation Experience” went off without a hitch yesterday, creating so many different news stories it’s hard to keep track of them all. Between a first look at Uncharted 4 in action, procedurally generated Bloodborne levels, and Final Fantasy VII being re-remade, there were no shortage of headlines made yesterday, and something is clear in the wake of this.

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Eonjay1264d ago

This is a good thing. Even if it isn't a mini E3 with a bunch of announcements, there is something nice about seeing a community come together.

So, everyone can have their own conference and then they can all come together for E3, and Gamescom.

nicksetzer11264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Yea, it is nice, really sad that MS is going to basically be doing it now only because they have no choice.

Platform holders should have always been holding their own events laying out their plans for the year. Great job by sony.

That said really excited to see what MS has in store for 2015 also, sure they have some hefty surprises. They already some pretty nice announcements out of the bag too. Would be great to see the new stuff and more about the stuff we alreasy know about.

GameDev11264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

"This is a good thing"

Exactly between the time we have to wait for another e3 towards the holiday. I would also like to see another event like this specifically from MS announcing games like Nintendo's great announcements and PSX

Would be awesome if the MS, Sony and Nintendo do annual events like PSX every year celebrating their own console, out of the worries of E3, Gamescom hassle

KwietStorm1264d ago

I just wonder how thin the "actual" game shows will become if these things really take off though. Guess it doesn't really matter either way. PSX was a really great community event, and it felt very catered to the gaming community, rather than the press. Wish I could have gotten that limited edition PS4.

PockyKing1264d ago

The "actual" game shows are really more for business. E3 is really a trade show. PSX was a community driven event for the most part, but also a marketing event. Nothing wrong with that though. Two very different events though when you look at the larger picture I think.

KwietStorm1264d ago


lol Did you read the second half of my post?

Bigpappy1264d ago

M$ usually has an event just before E3. I don't see this event changing that. This was a distraction from the fact Sony has nothing worth mentioning to offer for the holiday season. It was done to try and create a buzz and the way the American media works, that's exactly what it did.

I talk about this before the even. The buzz has been created. Will that translate into huge sales in the coming weeks? We will soon find out. Will people buy the console on the promise of better days ahead, or will they wait for better days to buy the console? I don't know. People are difficult to predict. As a gamer, I personally didn't see anything new or mind blowing. I knew about uncharted and blood borne before. But as I said, it did was it was supposed to. Get people talking aboutPS4.

If M$ were to do a me too with an event now, that would be kind of lame. I don't see Phil doing that. They can be more creative in regaining the buzz they had rolling for the pass few months. I don't believe these last few weeks is enough to win the season for Sony anyway. Too late

TOTSUKO1264d ago

I like how you didn't include SFV console exclusive in your comment.

Its ok. I know its hard to believe just as hard it is to admit it.

Why o why1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

The season. . . . .Luckily Sony aren't as shortsighted as you. They're more likely thinking about winning next year and beyond. Lol. . Some people really forget Microsofts ways. Front loading, falling off. Fact is we know more games are on route just like every year last gen including the final 3rd. . .seasons. . .lol how about consistency.

elsuperamigo1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Xbone following sony steps again! Whats next free games whit xbox live? Lol....oh wait

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ElementX1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Obviously this Forbes writer has no idea that MS has had Xbox/Windows gaming expos in the past, starting in 2001. It's called X

OpieWinston1264d ago

I'd kill for them to bring that back... being a Canadian gamer was so awesome to have X.

christocolus1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Its definitly coming, Phil already seems to love the idea of bringing back the X events and Shinobi stated again on Neogaf that he has heard some pretty good things about Xbox ones lineup for next year and beyond..and atleast we know MS will most likely want to announce some new exclusives including a few big third party exclusive deals.

Events like these are great,keps consumers interested in their purchases and best of all it helps to get the hype going into the new year. The game i would love to see he most at this point is Scalebound and Rares unannounced ip.

GameDev11264d ago

They should bring it back then

It would absolutely be lovely to see annual game announcements for the Xbox One

TOTSUKO1264d ago

X is still a trade show. Which is mainly for the press.

PSX is mainly for the fans/community.

Dudebro901264d ago

They have the X event...and have had it for years now....

MasterCornholio1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

They didn't have it this year though.

Unless that event at Microsofts store was the X event but I don't believe it was.

P.S By X event you mean a massive event like PSEx right?

BitbyDeath1264d ago

Would make sense if they had E3 focus more on the current year (with a few surprises of next year) and have experience focus on the next year.

Gamble201264d ago

Well considering experience is in December it would be hard not to focus on the next year

sonic9891264d ago

They barely can handle one conference a year am not seeing it.
Nintendo have directs sony keeps announcing new games at every conference microsoft are e3 only and no show the rest of the year.

sonic9891264d ago

Lol what like one year That's all.
Even worse one game.
Do you ever use your memory for a longer period than 6 months

OpieWinston1264d ago

Well with Phil taking charge we've seen a strong focus on E3 and Gamescom... he even recently said their primary focus is still delivering a strong E3/Gamescom experience.

And if they really wanted to bring back the event "X" they could... It worked well with 360 for showing off games.

sonic9891264d ago

Ok never really heard about X to be honest.
But what I meant microsoft only shows news things at e3 and thats and barely anything otherwise.
I remember that I think 2 years ago maybe they had like a 20 mins gamescom it was laughable to say the least one game announced and it was fable.
And the trend continues till this day.

Tedakin1264d ago

90% of what Sony showed at PSX was stuff we already knew bout. Uncharted, No Man's Sky, more Destiny nonsense, that Heavy Rain horror game, Bloodborne.....

DeadManMMX1264d ago

Lol, that game was very Heavy Rain. Quantic Dream must be pissed. It literally ran almost exactly the same. I don't care though I'm playing it. I'm glad there's more horror games out there now.

Provolone241264d ago

You knew about Draw to Death, FFVII, Killing Floor 2, Yakuza 5, and all those games coming to Vita? Not to mention Street Fighter 5 was likely supposed to be a surprise, but got leaked. Man, you should share you expert insider knowledge with us more often.

TOTSUKO1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

But I thought PS4 had no games?

Whats Uncharted?Destiny? Heavy Rain Horror game!? Bloodborne?....StreetFighterV! ?

Never heard of them....

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