Grim Fandango - PlayStation Experience PS4 Gameplay

PlayStation Experience PS4 Gameplay of Grim Fandango.

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Hitman07691317d ago

Instantly reminded me of Frisky Dingo, lol inspiration for the character face???

Emme1317d ago

I cant express how bad this looks. I cant believe they really just uprezzed the static backdrops, no real 3D except for Manny and friends. Sad, sad, sad. Makes me wonder about the DOTT remake.

Palitera1317d ago

As if this gem was about graphics...

Emme1317d ago

Well, its a *graphic adventure*. I am sure You still can play Resident Evil in original PS 1 outfit, but its much prettier and more dense in the Gc remake version, and probably in the new remake, too. Blocky graphics are blocky graphics.

Sketchy_Galore1317d ago

I have to agree I thought there'd be a little more actual remastering to this remaster. I thought they'd at least improve some of the more dated character models (I'm looking at you Glottis, you giant ugly polygon monster you) but honestly I'm glad in a way since it's lessened my jealousy toward people who haven't played it already and are gonna get to experience it for the first time with this remaster.

I mean even with the retro graphics intact and what can be some very obscure puzzles it's still one of my absolute favourite games. Just hearing its name fills me with the romantic nostalgic feeling the game gave me from my very first playthrough.

uth111317d ago

Glottis represents everything I hated about early 3D games. I can't believe that's how he was really meant to look?

ShutUpDonny1317d ago

It looks just like the old one and that's fine by me. It's the kind of game that style is more important than resolution.

uth111317d ago

DOTT was bitmapped graphics running at 320x240. It should be significantly remastered. If it isn't, I'm not buying as I still own the original and can run it under SCUMMVM

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MrDead1317d ago

Holy hell! Not only do we get Grim Fandango we are getting Broken Age, Gang Beasts and Day of the Tentacle.

I'm gonna be in gaming heaven.

BitbyDeath1317d ago

Just need to get an updated version of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.