Emagon Is Nothing But A Viral Marketing For PS4 20th Anniversary Console In Spain

Remember a few days where everyone was speculating that Emagon was a new game that was being developed for the PlayStation 4.

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lifeisgamesok1444d ago

So it really wasn't a game huh. There was so much speculation

HaveSumNuts1444d ago

Emagon is (no game) spelt backwards wouldn't take a genius to figure out it's not a game.

Braid1444d ago

I'm sorry but... that was just cheap. Creating speculation for the sake of speculation insults the gamers' intelligence.

You don't have to be a genious to read the title as NOGAME but it could imply anything, most popular guess was that it could be a VR title. Then you realize that it's just an ad campaign for the 20th anniversary console which was already revealed days ago, and you know for sure that companies are starting to troll you all the way just to get the spotlight on them for a while. In that case, EMAGON tease was nothing more than a cheap trick to let you know that there is a PS Event coming.

Hope the event doesn't disappoint.

ThePope1444d ago

Man people are really calm on this thread. Sony made it seem like a new game was coming, and it was all a trick. Thank you MS for not doing this as the PS4 fanboys would roast you over a fire if you did something like this.

UKmilitia1444d ago

i want it bad,looks really nice but i suppose a skin will be released by someone that makes it look same lol.

hope it comes to UK

WeirdShroom1444d ago

Goodthing SF5 leaked, or Sony fans would be disappointed after all the hype coming out of this. I was also thinking it would be at least a known franchise game. Ohwell. I think a lot of people are used to hype being extinguished on all fronts this gen.

Forn1444d ago

You'll be eating your words this weekend.

WeirdShroom1444d ago

By "out of this", I clearly meant "This". Emagon. Not the event this weekend. Before SFV, this was the most speculated on thing going in being it is so mysterious. You had a Fanboy overreaction, but I'll let it slide because I can see how you could confuse what I said.

Mr_cheese1444d ago

So there is going to be no Gnome?