GAME offers double trade-in value on games for one day only

GAME stores across the UK are offering double-trade in value on software for one day only - tomorrow, December 3, 2014.

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UKmilitia1470d ago

its better to price match im oanyway at game.
they offer about £10 for fifa 15 when cex offers £28 credit,pretty much every game is hte same tale with them .
you cant use the double trade in with the price match so still a pointless thing but at least they get to rip off the people who dont know they pricematch.

Imo GameUk is like halfords is to cars and maplin is to electonics,total rip of merchants,infact game have fifa 15 still for £55 instore and preowned for about £48

Hipp01470d ago

It depends on the GAME store, our local town doesn't have a CEX (or anywhere else within the vicinity for GAME to price match) so offers like this one are worthwhile.

PCGamingNoobs1470d ago

i dont shop at game often only when i trade something in really.

but i was in there recently for a pre owned 360 copy of lego marvel super heros for my nephews for xmas. anyway saw it pre owned for £25, i left it as i saw it on amazon brand new for £17. but later that night i went on the website and saw 2 prices next to each other preowened £25 brand new £22..........i was amazed, and they wonder why they nearly went bankrupt.

LonDonE1470d ago

EXACTLY!! GAME are complete trash!! cex POWNS them! the prices they charge at game for pre owned is ridiculous.
And in most cases you can find new games for the same price online.
Even for buying your stuff they are rubbish cex i feel has always paid me well in credit and so i have been using them for over 15 years!! at my 2 local cex stored they are always jam packed with customers at all times where as the local game stores are empty unless its a new game launch.

Game will never be able to compete till they make the used games cheaper and pay out more on trade ins! hell even my local asda had better used prices LMAO

Immorals1470d ago

So my brand new game will be worth 20 quid credit, instead of 10! Or I could get near face value, in cash on Gumtree..