My itchy trigger finger hates the R1 button wrote: "What is in a trigger? For us arm-chair generals, this usually means our favorite R1 or R trigger buttons on the PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers. In the so-called console war, fanboys flame each other over specs, exclusive games and media medium… But what about the controllers? Specifically, what about the buttons that make stuff go boom? Do you prefer a button or a trigger? A button that's higher on the controller or lower?

Which do you prefer in your shooters? The PS3 dualshock 3 (D3) R1 button, or the Xbox 360 controller's right trigger?

A console war allegory, after the jump..."

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GamerSigma3820d ago

Triggers are made for shooting stuff. Nuff said.

callahan093820d ago


I prefer the PS3 controller's R2 button for my trigger finger.

thesummerofgeorge3820d ago

I was under the impression R2 was more of a trigger button and the 1's were the shoulder/bumper buttons... Maybe I'm nit picking. Kind of a weak article.

Statix3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

I don't know why more games/shooters on the PS3 don't just give you the option to switch between R1 and R2. I HATE using R1 to shoot, when the trigger is right there.

At least COD4 gives you the option.

It's as if Sony made the conscious decision to do "the opposite thing" of what Microsoft is doing, just to be different. And it's annoying the hell out of me as a PS3 owner. When what was widely regarded as the best FPS console, the Xbox 1, was doing it that way, you kind of think it would be a wise choice to emulate them.

Monchichi0253820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

The truth is that the MAJORITY of people outside of fanboys prefer the 360 for FPS, TPS and Driving Games.

The PS control is preferred for Platforms and fighting games.

And that's just the COLD HARD TRUTH!!!

JBaby3433820d ago

I don't like using the lower buttons. Just doesn't feel right. I'm too used to R1 maybe. R2 and 360 skinny trigger buttons are uncomfortable in my opinion.

But the best option is being able to configure the buttons any way you want. Haze at least did that right. Every game should give the option for any configuration you want, at least for shooters.

AceLuby3820d ago

Because a 'trigger' is a point at which something is engaged. A button press is much better for this than a 'trigger' button w/ a range in which the trigger actually fires at some point between not pulled and fully pulled. If it's actually fully pulled you would be able to shoot faster w/ a simple button than a 360 type trigger where you would need to pull and release for each shot (think a pistol).

Tomdc3820d ago

i remember my PS2 days... I used to hate wheneva a game asked you to use shoulder buttons! I had neva touched a shooter and played all action / platforming games like Rayman =) so the times I used 'em were rare

Resistance was my first eva go at a shooter and its still my favourite =) now I like shooting games =)

I prefer R1 to R2

Statix3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

All consoles in the past have used the trigger to shoot. All shooters on consoles since the days of the N64 (Z-trigger), the Dreamcast, the Xbox 1... all used the trigger button for you to shoot!

Sony that is straying from the tried-and-true, and not giving gamers the OPTION to use R2 instead of R1 to shoot, and it really stinks for fans used to using the triggers.

At least Insomniac is doing the smart thing by allowing you to use R2 to shoot with Resistance 1 and 2. Same goes for COD4 and GTAIV.

sonarus3819d ago

Triggers are made for shooting stuff agreed but when you have a game that doesn't involve shooting lets say a hack and slash like god of war, those triggers beging to feel very out of place. If you isolate an entire button for one function it won't work well for others. That is why i like PS3 controller for its diversity

mikeslemonade3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

The trigger looks cooler, but is mushy. The R1 button has a nice feel to it. It pops in and out so smoothly...

360 better for FPS? I think most people would disagree. 360 just happens to have more FPS games but most people that play games have a PS2 and they cannot comment on how the 360 feels. 100 million PS1s, 120 million PS2s, and 14 million PS3s in the wild.

TheColbertinator3819d ago

Millions of gamers are just used to it.

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LastDance3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

i cant remeber what game it was...but R2 was the trigger and it felt good with rumble....I dont mind either way. R1 or R2

Edit; What the hell is this guy talking about?....all of my shooter games on ps2 use the R1 as they hire 12 year olds who's mum wouldnt let them have a ps2?

GodsHand3820d ago

Complain to the developers, for not giving you the option of not mapping out your preferred button assignments. I know Warhawk has R2 as the firing button.

I should make an article about this too. 'The gun that came with Time Crisis is orange, and light, don't fell like a gun at all. I was hoping it to be..... well more like a gun. Maybe when I relaod I dont point the gun off screen, but press a release button to drop a fake magazine, and I reinsert another fake magazine.'

Everyone has their own prefence.

Statix3820d ago

And most PS3 games nowadays don't give you that option (Uncharted, MGS4, Condemned 2, Dark Sector, Battlefield BC, and more... all force you to use R1 to shoot). I have a feeling it's because Sony either recommends or mandates that R1 be the default shooting button. And then developers are just too lazy to implement an alternative control layout.

P4KY B3820d ago

360 controllers are better for FPS, TPS and Driving games.
PS3 controllers are better for Platform, Fighting and playing BluRay Movies.

LGFreedom3820d ago

Of course... TPS reports. Riiiiight.

3820d ago
Gun_Senshi3820d ago

And X360 controller sucks for FPS and TPS compared to FragFX for PS3 and Mouse and keyboard.

Bolts3820d ago

Keyboard+mouse= King of the FPS world, in fact they're the controlers the genre was tailor made for.

The 360's pad is only "ok", and its the best standard controler in the console world for the FPS but it is still rather limited. The PS3 dualshock come in at a distant third. The trigger buttons don't feel like triggers, they behave more like an accelerator for driving games. However the PS3 have the edge, an arkward one, in the FragFX. This is the closest the console world can come to matching the keyboard and mouse.

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Captain Tuttle3820d ago

It's holding me back from buying one. As soon as a third party puts out a copy of the 360's controller I'll buy a PS3.

Sez 3820d ago

i guess after playing 360 games so much. i'm just used to shooting with the r2 botton. the ps3 controller just don't feel the same and i constantly keep pressing the wrong botton just to shoot.

Monchichi0253820d ago

In my own PERSONAL opinion the PS control is bloody AWFUL! Once they make a replica of the 360 for the PS3 I'll buy a PS3.

JBaby3433820d ago

It's one of the main reasons I don't get a 360. No matter how many times I try to use it it's uncomfortable. I prefer the DS3 but to each his own I guess.

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