10 Items That Should Return in Zelda Wii U

Certain treasures are simply essential to Zelda – the Hookshot, the Hero’s Bow, the Boomerang, the Bombs, the Hylian Shield, the Master Sword – We expect all of these items to return in some form. However, there are other items that haven’t yet earned such a legacy, and their fate still hangs in the balance.

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bcornett141325d ago

I don't think I'd want to see masks again in a Zelda game, or at least to the degree of use as seen in Majora's Mask.

LegendZelda1325d ago

Same. A similar gimmick would be nice but not masks

ReesesPuffs1325d ago

It was fun while it was useful

jholden32491325d ago

Whatever they come up with I trust that it will be good. Loved the painting on walls mechanic from Link Between Worlds. That was sheer genius right there.

higgins781325d ago

Here's a good idea...leave it to the self-proclaimed 'hardcore' to decide what direction would be best for the next Zelda i.e Zelda U, right? Wrong! If it were left to said 'hardcore' we wouldnt have Wind Waker or Skyward Sword (for example), in my opinion 2 of the finest and most radical Zelda games in the canon. No, semi-realistic graphics, a 'proper' controller and voice acting would be the choice of the 'hardcore', that or a 'remake'...yawn!

Please, leave it to Nintendo, they have the foresight, craft and creativity to give us not the Zelda we (THEY) want, but the Zelda we need.

filchron1325d ago

I gotta disagree man. to me nintendo had the best presentation of the 90's. they were the HARDCOREST of the HARDCORE and this is coming from possibly the biggest Dreamcast fan in all of the cities ive lived in. compare the dark and (mature) themes in SM64, the ominous music of the bowser levels, princess peach's imprisonment in the mysterious castle, the badassness of METAL MARIO. what does Mario 3D world on WiiU have? catsuits.

But they CAN get back to the hardcore. imagine a mario game with INTENSE graphics, mature themes (dont need blood or guns to accomplish that as SM64 shows us) and the return of a more badass powerup. or maybe a newer, more badass one all together? graphics could look like this in realtime in the next couple of years. would be cool to see them innovate and bring a Zelda game with even more immersive exploration than the uncharted games. the presentation of this wiiu game should be good, but the hardcore nintendo fans that grew up with them have had, and deserve better.

higgins781324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Dark, dark, dark, that's all I hear from the self-proclaimed 'hardcore'. Mario 64 was a masterpiece, but 'dark' themed...never. Majoras Mask has a cult following because it changed the pace and feel from Ocarica, NOT simply because it followed suit. Same with SMG (1&2), hardly "mature" but arguably not only the best Mario of all time but best videogame ever.

It goes back to this...Nintendo have a feel and knowledge regarding their staple IP's which go far beyond the close-minded minority, thank goodness.

1325d ago
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