Gamestop Cyber Monday 2014 Live With PS4 / Xbox One Bundles & Video Games (Up To 50% Off)

Techtorial: Gamestop's Cyber Monday deals are now live with console bundles, video games for all platforms and other pre-owned goodies.

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BX811327d ago

Would buy if they did a wii u discount

SoapShoes1327d ago

That PS4 GTA bundle is hot, still best selling item on

s8anicslayer1327d ago

Best selling item on almost every retail outlet

lipton1011326d ago

That Xbox bundle though, damn, $329 is such a sweet spot. I almost bought one like 5 times Thursday night but I just can't justify it yet. Needs more exclusives and I do my 3rd party on ps4

blackout1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

You can get DUMMIES to repurchase the same game, CRAZY. How to rob the gaming industry? Just remaster everything and add a FPS mode.

LightningMokey1327d ago

A lot of people didnt get it last gen. And if you enjoyed a game a lot wwhy not get it even better. Im not a GTA fan, but I bought both of The last of Us and Ibthink my $120 spent was well worth it.

Goochizm541327d ago Show
SnakePlissken1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

I've been saying that for awhile now. There are alot of stupid people out there that are making the gaming industry rich, while killing any new ip at the same time!

Gotta stop supporting all these remasters guys, or we are gonna continue to see the same frikin game over and over!

kreate1327d ago

Buying a remaster doesnt kill new ip. It create funds to make new ips.

Making a remaster doesnt even take that long.

Joe9131326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

How about you all let people buy what they want with the money they worked for without being called any names I got both remasters and I don't think remasters kill new IP both companies are working on something new as we speak hell Naughty Dog has a new Uncharted and another game being made right now. And lets see if we see any of the people talking this mess in a MCC article.

MysticStrummer1326d ago

"I've been saying that for awhile now."

You've been wrong for awhile now.

MysticStrummer1325d ago

About your reply to me below… it makes no damn sense. There's no reason to call someone stupid just because they buy a game you don't want. There's nothing hypocritical about that opinion. I'm not estimating your intelligence, or lack thereof, based on how your taste in games compares to mine.

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FITgamer1326d ago

My first time buying it. Funny you weren't saying that about MCC.

Saijahn1326d ago

I agree with you blackout. While it's cool if people want to doubletap their wallet on one game, it's a disgusting practice in the industry, especially this year. It showed just how weak gaming has been this year. Two remake titles from companies that swore there was no nextgen rehash coming, are some of the top selling games on the new platforms.

I'm just not into rebuying the same game no matter how much more polished it is.

vikingland11326d ago

What about the people that didn't buy it on the other consoles. Or got rid of it for the best version?

Saijahn1323d ago

then buy it, it's just not my cup of tea

MysticStrummer1326d ago

Some people really can't stand it when others don't think like them.

If you don't want a remaster… don't buy it. Enough people apparently want them to justify their release. That doesn't make them dummies.

SnakePlissken1326d ago

Just like you can't stand the fact alot of people are over all these remasters? What a hipocrite you are! So everyone think like you, right? Lol what a joke!

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ghostface91327d ago

Its great to see the microsoft store website having better sales for games than retailers I have done all my black friday shopping on there

addictedtochaos1326d ago

These aren't much better than the Black Friday offerings.

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