Video Game Reviewer Is Contacting the Mothers of Her Online Harassers

It's a story as old as, well, the Internet. A woman is a video game journalist. She receives rape and death threats. The end. But in a delightful new take on the old story, said video game journalist has reached out to the mothers of her harassers, just to let them know what their sons are up to.

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Dark_Overlord1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

"She has received a number of threats on Twitter and Facebook simply because (this is a well-informed assumption) she's a woman, though Gamergate probably has something to do with it, so she took matters into her own hands, telling the Guardian:"

The jezebel just have to get their slander in there somewhere >:( Even the lady in question says it is mainly young lads. There was no need to even mention Gamergate >:(

On Topic, I think this is great XD more people being harassed should do this :)

johndoe112111269d ago

Exactly, the dev herself said that she doesn't think it had aanything to do with gamergate but hey, "journalism" right?

Rebel_Scum1269d ago

"On Topic, I think this is great XD more people being harassed should do this"
She shouldn't have to though. People need to stop being dicks online.

She's not a dev, are you referring to someone else?

I read this story on a local website, she contacted four mothers about what their sons sent her, only one mother responded out of the four. That's kinda disturbing if you ask me.

hay1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

So, a hater quirt is being told on to mommy. I may be a dinosaur but that's on the very same level of maturity as rape threats of someone hardly capable of erection.

Dee_911269d ago

Kudos to her for actually doing something besides complaining and playing victim.I don't give kotaku and the sister sites anymore clicks with their constant slandering.Heres a link to the article.

NCAzrael1269d ago


As a parent, I would totally want to know if my son was behaving like this behind my back. I feel pretty confident in saying you're not a parent, so I'm sure you have no understanding of what it is like to want to raise your child to be a decent human being. If my son was threatening to rape someone, you better believe I'd want someone to "tattle" on them. Better to inform someone's parents that their child is misbehaving than assume that the parent knows and just doesn't care.

Anthotis1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

The next time someone insults me or threatens me online, i'll tell their parents too....or i could just brush off meaningless words.

hay1269d ago

@NCAzrael: Oh yes, while we're at it I never actually seen a real child in my life and never studied psychology. I also do not know a difference between badly raised child which falls to threatening others with rape and a normal kid who will articulate his grievance properly.

The problem is not telling on the kid whenever he's behaving bad. The problem is the child does not have the capacity to handle it's own emotional problems leading to anger and threats. What you effectively prefer with this way of thinking is to have your kid threaten others with you knowing about it above having your kid being raised properly knowing better NOT to attack people cause of own ignorance and lack of capacity to handle own shit.

But then again, what can I know, I'm just on the other side of the mirror reflecting your flaws as seen in aforementioned assumptions.

Old McGroin1268d ago

@ hay

You think informing a mother that her child is making rape threats is as bad as the rape threats themselves?! You studied psychology and STILL came to this conclusion?! I weep for mankind when people like you open your mouth and vomit your opinions.

hay1267d ago

@Old McGroin: Only if you want to take everything I've written and shove it up your release valve. Especially the fact, that child's mind should be especially fortified from the early age NOT to have stupid ideas as mentioned and happened.

You only weep if you interpret others through your own lackluster nature. I'd like to point those are your arguments and I've never written such creative display of stupidity. Read my comment with comprehension.

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pompombrum1269d ago

Them corrupt journos gotta stick together! I've seen a few gamergate mentions on various media sites in regards to this story and it's pretty sad. Goes to show just how easy it is to influence perception of a movement especially when it's purpose is to put media integrity under the microscope.

Rebel_Scum1269d ago

What gives you reason to believe she is a corrupt journo?

"it's purpose is to put media integrity under the microscope."
Gamergate was not about that. That was the mask the culture of hate towards female online presence in video game journalism wore to justify themselves.

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CaptainObvious8781269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Why can't these sexist bigots just leave gamergate out of it.

There's absolutely no evidence to tie GG to this, yet the author just had blame the movement.

Why does anyone take these idiots seriously when their pathetic behaviour is so obvious?

NegativeCreep4271269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Any reasonable person would raise the question: "Can she claim with EXACT, SPECIFIC EVIDENCE that all of her 'harassers' are of the male gender?"

Can she provide material proof?

ChickeyCantor1269d ago

"Can she provide material proof?"

Of course not. How else would you play the victim card?

Concertoine1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

It's not really like girls to make rape threats, even death threats against someone they don't know.

I mean, she's in a field that is mostly males. It's safe to say any threats are almost 99% sure to be from males.

I say this as someone who has repeatedly supported GG for the most part. Although that's not on topic, just wanted to make it clear i wasn't blindly siding with the "victim".

In this case i do side with her because she seems to be a decent person with a passion for games, and found a funny way to punish immature losers.

She's hardly playing a victim, dude. Not sure if you read the article. She saw a little kid was being a dick, so she told his mom. She made a joke out of her situation.

insomnium21269d ago


"It's not really like girls to make rape threats, even death threats against someone they don't know.

I mean, she's in a field that is mostly males. It's safe to say any threats are almost 99% sure to be from males. "

Ummm.... unless ofc a female feminist a-hole wants to deliberately disguise herself as a gg supporting male and threaten women to give the anti-gg-movement some ammo?

mhunterjr1269d ago

Are you joking? What kind of material proof could one ever provide of someone's gender? A birth certificate? A nude photo?

Honestly , in an online setting all you can go buy is voice and tone, which is, generally, a pretty good indicator of gender. You can never be 100% sure, but you can come to an educated conclusion.

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Kos-Mos1269d ago

Enter the frying pan and get grilled.

"That is the way of life. That is the way of everything."
Nu - Chrono Trigger

Halo2ODST21269d ago

Play with fire, get burned.

ichizon1269d ago

This is possibly one of the best ways to handle these issues. The people who are behind pointless anonymous harassment should be able to stand up for their actions.

Anonymity is important for a bunch of reasons, but these guys are unknowingly giving more ammunition to the anti-anonymous proponents behind web 2.0 monetization. If only there was an easy way to make separate channels for anonymous personae and real people. The best of both worldwebs.

zero_gamer1269d ago

That's what Facebook is for. No need to blame anonymity for Internet-related harassment. Harassment far worse than this has existed long before the Internet.

novcze1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

not so anonymous if she found their mothers, really just kids sending hate message not real threads

kodiak404_1269d ago

If you can brush off rape and death threats as simply "just kids sending hate message" you're part of the problem. Sending a rape threat isn't just kids being kids and to think so is perplexing...