Review: Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 1 – Zer0 Sum - HardcoreGamer

"Comedy and drama seem to exist on opposite ends of the narrative spectrum. Often times, purposely injecting humor into a dramatic tale, or vise versa, feels inorganic and forced. The most talented writers find a way to teeter along the proverbial fence separating the two extremes, masterfully blending suspense and absurdity. In recent years, Telltale Games has shown us that it has the capability of penning spectacular dramatic stories, as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us consistently keep players on the edges of their seats. With Tales from the Borderlands‘ first episode “Zer0 Sum,” a series set in the Borderlands universe that actually requires no investment in the original shooters, the heralded narrative development studio has shown that their writing chops extend far further than mere drama. What’s more, when you’re not laughing at one of the numerous chuckle-inspiring moments, you’ll find yourself actually caring about the fate of your lovable group of galactic misfits."

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