Ubisoft 'confident' that The Crew won't repeat Unity's mistakes

Ubisoft aren’t exactly the most loved game publisher at the moment. As you may have heard, the release of the highly anticipated Assassins Creed: Unity was plagued with glitches, £90 microtransactions and poor performance across both PS4 and Xbox One.

In fact, the outrage was so strong that it forced Ubisoft to do the unthinkable – release free DLC in an attempt to quell the masses.

While The Crew is made by a different studio, many have become understandably wary of buying another Ubisoft product, so[The Metropolist] reached out to Serkan Hasan The Crew’s lead game designer. He stated that he has total ‘confidence in the stability of the game and its performance’ and claimed that the team ‘have what it takes to make [this] a successful launch.’....

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uth111392d ago

Well they did do a lot of beta testing, I'll give them that. As for the rest, we'll see come Tuesday

bequietdrive1392d ago

Beta numbers and real world player numbers are two entirely different things though. As you said, we'll see..

TimeSkipLuffy1392d ago

At least they did a public beta so everyone who have pre-ordered the game was able to help making a smoother transition for go live.

princejb1341392d ago

Bf3 and bf4 beta says hi. Betas don't make much of a difference in my experience. Bf3 and bf4 betas were very glitchy and brought little to no improvement when the full game released.

Pandamobile1391d ago

Betas bring more improvement than you could possibly know, Prince. It just takes time to actually fix things in games.

ColinZeal1389d ago

I'd claim that Battlefield is much more popular than The Crew - especially considering it's an established franchise since 2002..

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sigfredod1392d ago

precisely based on the beta experience, i played both closed ones and the open, its the reason i´m worry, this game is 100% online so i experience several disconnections that send me back to main screen, a lot of erros, for example to all the challenges on the map become unavailable, and what is worse since its social part is what they are trying to sold us, i had a lot os issues that all the other players dissapear from the map, or when try to do a quick coop get the message no players on your sesion when there was players, i hope they really fix that but with the launch so close i doub it

Hellsvacancy1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Well I don't have confidence in Ubisoft

I did however buy a Ubisoft title today, first time in a long time, Child Of Light, it's discounted to 50% on the PS Store, i've heard nothing but good things about it, I snapped it up

From Dust was also a Ubisoft game, it was amazing, maybe that's what Ubisoft should do, give up on AAA games

1392d ago
uth111391d ago

yeah they've done a number of smaller games that are all solid:
Child of Light, Valiant Hearts, Rayman Legends, Trials Fusion, Jackbox party pack.

dragonyght1392d ago

lol Ubisoft is crying wolf again

Findingcrybabies1392d ago

I don't think there will be many people stupid enough to buy this or any other game they make. I also think most gamers are smart enough to not believe a damn thing the say now.

Alsybub1392d ago

I had a play on the beta and found it a bit generic. Maybe I didn't give it a real chance. Did anyone else like it?

1392d ago
Forn1392d ago

No, I don't think anyone in their right mind liked it.

badz1491392d ago

generic is an understatement! it's a racing game with a tacked on story using an overused plot.

I got it that the graphic might look a little bit better in the final version but OMG, Burnout Paradise from 2009 looks way better! the car handling is beyond terrible. I tried the beta for an hour and that's it!

I don't know why anybody would have high expectation for this game after playing the beta. the trailer was amazing and looks gorgeous(as expected from Ubisoft) but playing the beta right after watching the trailer feels like there's an invisible hand coming out of the tv screen and slap you on the face from the moment the game started!

Phene1392d ago

I saw 16gigs worth of Download and passed friend said its bland.

DeadlyFire1392d ago

Controls need serious improvement on response time. I believe overall that would help the game tremendously. As far as story goes. Who gives a crap. Its a racer.

My hopes are not very high for it and never were really. Its okay, but I enjoy the brands I know better at the moment compared to the beta.

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