What is Black Friday and how did it begin?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Despite the fact that people have literally died during Black Friday altercations, the public consensus seems to be that it’s total worth it - which brings up a whole host of other sociological issues."

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HanCilliers1180d ago

Interesting read, I never knew how it actually started

Sillicur1180d ago

Would be worth it if i could find a Warlords of Draenor deal :)

lord zaid1180d ago

No that would be terrible. I might buy it then and then what will happen to me.

Sillicur1180d ago

It will suck you in and never let go kind sir!

Sillicur1180d ago

Nice read btw :) Really enjoyed it, didnt know how it started

NBT911180d ago

I want to know how it has suddenly become a thing here in the UK now too.
Interesting read though, that picture was hilarious.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231180d ago

Because of how much interest it has in the USA. ASDA had 40" TV's for £139 which was an in store offer and sent people crazy.

kreate1180d ago

This year black friday lines werent too bad.

The black friday deals sucked and it started on 5pm when ppl are suppose to eat turkey.

What kind of black Friday starts on thursday evening?

The meaning of Thanksgiving and black friday is losing its meaning.

lord zaid1178d ago

Capitalism at its worst.

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