Diablo 3 Appears On Battle.Net

Is this the official confirmation we have been waiting for? now have an official General Discussion Forum page ready for your rabid cries of lust over the possible third coming of Diablo.

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TheHater3794d ago

I have got a question. What is do special about this series? I never played it, so I don't really know if it good or not. But it seems to have a lot of fans, and a lot of people are excited for this installment. This series keep popping and I clearly don't understand why. Can some please explain? Thanks a lot

ChampIDC3794d ago

I'd say what made it so popular is it was the first good arcade style action RPG. A lot of people don't like the slow pacing of most RPGs, and this was the fix for those people. You get all the progression of an RPG with the frantic fragfest of a typical action game. It's a formula that many games have mimicked over the years.

Daver3794d ago

The diablo serie is unique... Diablo 1 was one of the best game on PC at that time.. All was good about this game, story, characters, unique gameplay, everything and then diablo 2 came out, as good as the first one with some different elements, and more deep gameplay, story, characters.
Diablo in battle net was another reason of his huge success, (trade weapons with others, quests with them, find weapons

If you are a gamer you have to go try this game!

ChampIDC3794d ago

100% agreed man. Titan Quest was the only one that came even relatively close, and it was still far off.

Thargoth3794d ago

Diablo is a fast paced hack 'n slash RPG with fast progressing. You can level your character to lvl 70 or so in few days, or less. I'm still playing it and intend to do so in the future. I can't even count how many characters I've had. I think the game offers a good sense of satisfaction and success without spending hundreds of hours of playing (like MMO games).

Skizelli3794d ago

Diablo basically took "roguelike" games to the next level; a great story, game play and graphics, and the music was awesome as well.

@ChampIDC: If you liked Titan Quest, you'd probably love the Dungeon Siege series and Sacred as well.

mariusmal3793d ago


yeah dungeon siege was great

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Relcom3794d ago

is also the day i upgrade my computer.

Daver3794d ago

loll i agree!! i was waiting for starcraft 2 to upgrade my PC but with diablo 3 coming (if its true) then ill buy a new good one

Skerj3794d ago

Wow, everyone wins if the Starcraft MMO thing is true as well.

shotputking3794d ago

i would be completely bummed if it was the starcraft mmo... i would scrap my plans for getting a new custom built pc for D3 if that was the case.

Drekken3794d ago

Look @ those eyes coming out look all too familiar. This IS D3. PC gaming is definitely back in my world!!! I can only hope for a ps3 version, but they would have to give me a mouse/keyboard option for sure!

Ok this is more exciting than anything I have heard in a while!

SilPho3794d ago

Nobody has floated the pant-wetting possibility of BOTH Diablo 3 and a Starcraft MMO being announced. There just seems to be untold amounts of proof for both of these games being announced.

The internet am cry if it's something else entirely.

Drekken3794d ago

Blizz is usually a one at a time company... would be nice, I just dont want them to spread themselves thin.

SilPho3794d ago

I know, but at least that would explain all of the "proof" we have for both games.

Xi3794d ago

the 2 franchises that pretty much saved computer gaming

Diablo 2 and fallout.

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