Will Assassin's Creed Unity be bigger than its controversy ?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Unity could have been the next-gen game we've been waiting for, but it might end up being the biggest disappointment of 2014.

According to Ubisoft, this is what players can expect from Unity and Rogue.

We only predict good things for Rogue, but where Unity is concerned? What can possibly go wrong?"

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HanCilliers1413d ago

What can possibly go wrong?" EVERYTHING

starchild1413d ago

How? The game is awesome from what I have played so far. And it runs great on my PC. It's also easily the best looking open world game so far.

I understand people being disappointed that the framerate isn't better in the console versions, and I fully agree that Ubisoft should have prioritized a more stable framerate and dropped whatever they needed to in order to get it, but I simply can't fathom the level of hate this game has received. People were hating on this game since its announcement and now that it has been released those same people are jumping on any negative point and blowing it up to ridiculous proportions.

I would bet my life that many or even most of the people that are bashing this game the most haven't even played it.

HanCilliers1413d ago

Let me just be clear, I DONT want Unity to fail, but I do have a problem when debs overhype and under deliver. Much of Ubisoft's hype was about how Unity will be the next leap forward for next-fen gaming - and it that regard I don't think it delivers.

Very glad it's playing fine on your platform though :)

lord zaid1413d ago

Only six agree votes for this pearl of wisdom. That seems woefully low.

Eonjay1413d ago

Ubisoft seems to have a problem with presenting honest representations of their projects. Clearly they should have learned from Watch_Dogs, but obviously that is not the case. Worse yet, at E3 they said that they were targeting 1080p 60FPS on consoles. Then they went for 30 bor cinematic purposes but somehow fail to reach that.

The thing is, the hordes of copies of NPCs add nothing to gameplay.

This of course is only compounded by a throughly un optimized attempt at parity. Thats right, they also failed at parity. On top of that add in an assortment of glitches, cheesy DLC, and suppressed reviews and you have what they claim is their best game that pushes each console to the limit.

Except, there is a difference between maxing out a CPU and designing a game that takes advantage of a console.

SonZeRo1413d ago

60FPS at 1080 would be nice, but there should be no excuse for not reaching 30 as that has really been the standard for a long time now and i'm sure both consoles have over enough power to do 30FPS+ in AC:U

HanCilliers1413d ago

Give that man a bells!

Ubisoft seems to have a problem with presenting honest representations of their projects.

Exactly the problem. As you've said, we saw it with WD, now Unity, what's gonna happen with FC4?

Sillicur1413d ago

Well said, hordes of NPC copies does nothing for me.

However, Dead Rising 3 also has a metric ton of NPC's at the same time, yet it runs well...

Optimization is the problem here wont you say?

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SonZeRo1413d ago

im starting to fear for Farcry if this is how Ubisoft is going to handle its projects. All i can hope for is that the games run better on PC than on the consoles

starchild1413d ago

Unless you are one of those PC gamers that expects every game to run at 60fps, I can guarantee you can get a solid, consistent 30fps in this game and it looks amazing.

I just don't understand some people. Shadow of Mordor was much more disappointing to me as far as performance goes, despite being a really fantastic game. AC Unity is marginally more demanding, but it looks vastly better than Shadow of Mordor.

Before Unity came out, Ryse on PC was the best looking game on any platform, but surprisingly Unity looks even better than Ryse, and is a massive, densely packed open world game to boot. Despite looking better and being an open world game, though, Unity is only marginally more demanding than Ryse.

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