GoodGameShow: Episode #13 – Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Impressions

GoodGameBro writes, "This week marks the release of one of the industry’s biggest sellers each and every year, Activision’s Call of Duty series. Naturally, our crew spend a lot of time talking about the latest iteration, Advanced Warfare, and discuss what makes it one of the best Call of Duty titles in quite some time."

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tlougotg1379d ago

My impressions


1) Certain parts of mp look washed
2) Movement feels better in BO2
3) Ive been in first place several times but still feel ppl die way to fast. I get its a twitch shooter but damn no other COD imo had this issue so severely.
4) Some rounds seem extremely short in time


1) Still super fun
2) Like the futuristic spin on it
3) Gadgets are cool
4) Customization of characters and being able to even choose a female is welcomed.
5) Game runs good and looks decent during mp

Havent tried SP yet but i will soon. By the way im playing on Ps4. Overall though i enjoyed BO2 more, movement seemed so much more fluid idk why, also aesthetically even tho it was lower rez i thought the iq and graphics overall during mp looked better on the same 1080p screen i have. IQ wise and graphics wise Killzone SF and Infamous crap on this game.