Star Wars Battlefront Rumored To Be Getting A 3rd Person View And New Maps

It appears Star Wars Battlefront could be seeing both a first-person and third-person perspective.

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Sensiblesteve1208d ago

My most wanted game can't wait

Spenok1206d ago

It's definitely something that a LOT of people want. Here's hoping they deliver.

--bienio--1208d ago

If this is true is Day One for me Game!!!;)

WeAreLegion1208d ago

Good! Everyone wouldn't shut up about it when the first-person rumor was going around. I play Battlefront in first-person, anyway, but it's good that people can have options.

DefenderOfDoom21208d ago

Pumped for the first person perspective!

jmc88881208d ago

1st and 3rd person are both great, it fits, and glad they are doing both.

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The story is too old to be commented.