Kinect Vs Project Natal: How Close Did Xbox Get?

In 2009 gamers were promised “a whole new way to play” from Xbox that would offer gamers “extraordinary entertainment experiences for everyone to enjoy”. This exciting innovation was to come courtesy of what Xbox at the time were calling Project Natal. On the anniversary of the peripheral’s debut, StickTwiddlers take a look to see just how close Xbox have gotten to delivering on the promises of Kinect.

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Neonridr1381d ago

ummmmm... a galaxy far, far away

dirkdady1381d ago

Remember that first video where the kid scans his skateboard into the game started riding it in the game? Yea that was...

Rimgal1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Remember skittles? That was a game changer. /s

miyamoto1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

... and Xboxers wonder why Kinect was axed
Project Natal & Kinect were nothing but lies and smoke and mirrors
an insult to core gaming community

This proves that M$ does not know anything about the true essence of videogames and the gamers
M$ thinks its just another money making industry they can steal market share from

Video games is not like Hollywood, nor the music industry, nor the smartphone industry, nope.

The gaming community's wallets say Kinect is dead.

TheWatercooler1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

They got 10% of the way there. Their whole E3 presentation was simply lies and deception. Totally faked.

I don't know how ms get away with things like that. They are the only company who would even try to. It speaks volumes about them.

They duped millions of people. Just like they did with the Xbone with kinnect

kreate1381d ago

Pretty harsh dude.
I'd give a few points for trying something new.

Most of it was don matticks idea and he's gone so....

lameguy1381d ago

MSFT, hundreds of kickstarter's, and countless other company's do so as well. They're all like this - even SpaceX often shows rockets and capabilities that may never materialize to drum up creativity, competition, and support. Most don't have anything tangible especially if they're trying to invent something that doesn't quite exist yet.

They just used a bigger stage to do it... and didn't directly ask for our backing in money up front... I guess.

SoapShoes1380d ago

Trying something new? It was a ripoff of EyeToy. Now it was more advanced but given it was a whole seven years after so it should be more advanced than tech from 2004.

ninavoljic1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Project Natal was like the bomb during E3 2009 especially when it was presented by Steven Spielberg.

When the concept product debuted as Kinect in 2011, it set a new Guinness record as the "fastest ever selling consumer device in the planet" even beating the record of iPhone 4 at that time. This was one of Steve Ballmer's highlights in his career as Microsoft's CEO for more than a decade.

You can't believe how many people were actually wanting to buy just the product itself during Black Friday.

Now, it's just another piece of device.

mcstorm1380d ago

Your spot on. I think Kinect biggest issue is it came out to early. Microsoft tried to aim it at an affordable price and had to make cuts with it and I think that hurt it as it also was hindered by the 360s power too.

The device its self worked very well but only for some games and setups.

Kinect sport 1 n 2, Kinectimals dance central, just dance, Nike +, Fable, Forza 4, Forza Horizon, Sonic Free Riders, Halo CEA and Child of Eden all showed what Kinect could be used for and worked well in all the games.

Games like Steel battalion, FIFA 13, harry potter, star wars, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 and Rise of Nightmares were all great ideas but I think they were a little to complex for the 1st Kinect.

As for the 2nd Kinect I really like the device and I'm glad I got it with it.
The voice is very good and really adds to the console. I have not used many sides of the camera yet but when I 1st got it I downloaded a few demos that used the camera side and they worked very well.
Ide like to see some of the games above done again for the Xbox one Kinect as tracking finger movements can really add to what could be added into a game.

I know D4 has had great reviews for its control and the voice in horizon 2 and FIFA are spot on too.

Kinect is not for everyone but I do think alot more can be done with the new Kinect and if Microsoft or 3rd party developers can look to add more new ideas into their games it will be interesting to see how it handles as I think it will handle far better than the 1st.

gangsta_red1381d ago

It looked good on paper, it looked even better in the PR video shown to everyone.

But the final product was less than garbage. When you can sit there and say that only, maybe 5 games were OK using Kinect for the 360 then I would consider that a failure.

This Kinect for the X1 needs to be a companion device only, used for scanning faces, voice recognition in games and other things that would enhance gameplay and not depend on it.

Software_Lover1381d ago

Wow. Where did this come from lol

MCTJim1381d ago

I am quite happy with the newest version of Kinect. It works for the most part quite well. I've enjoyed the games and offerings this device give me.

Foehammer1381d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

So true

Only those that actually have now will know the ease of direct navigation.

Automatic login to whoever is present

Auto controller mapping switching if you hand someone else the controller

Auto comes out of screen saver when you walk in the room

"Xbox what's on..."

"Xbox play...






SteamPowered1381d ago

Couldnt most of that be done with a microphone? They are considerably cheaper.
I absolutely loved the kinect 1.0 for Skyrim and Mass Effect. I considered voice controls the ultimate button. Kinect 2.0 is just more of the same. I expected quite a bit more of the 2.0 right out of the box. Face-scanning should be the forefront of the X1. It would immediately make the Kinect a lot more sexy.

BiggerBoss1380d ago

So to you, a glorified navigation tool is worth $100+? Thats your prerogative, but i wish they could have utilized it more for actual gaming

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