State of the Game: A pirate prior to purchasing?

G3AR: "As far as the law is concerned, pirating a game prior to purchasing it – either because you can’t quite afford it just yet or as a more capable demo – is dubious logic at best and illegal. It’s pretty black and white in fact. That said, there’s a moral/ethical principle to consider; that’s what we’re asking today. Is it okay to pirate a game if you’re intending to purchase it later."

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lilmetal1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

I sometimes pirate games I'm on the fence about, and there's no demo for me to try.
If I like it, then I buy it. If not, then I usually just don't even play it anymore.
Recent example of this was Alien: Isolation. I pirated it to demo, and ended up loving it.
I played about 4 hours, and then bought it on Steam.
Now, is that an okay thing to do? I dunno, but if I judged the game on only most of the reviews out there, I probably wouldn't have touched the game at all.

no_more_heroes1231d ago

That's the approach I took to both Pokemon and Zelda on the GBA. I downloaded the ROMs for Ruby/Sapphire and The Minish Cap, played and loved both, then bought Pokemon Diamond and TLoZ Phantom Hourglass when they came out.

I had never played a single game in either franchise before then.