Kyrat Shines in Latest Far Cry 4 Trailer

In celebration of the game’s upcoming release, a new Far Cry 4 trailer has been unleashed upon the world, showcasing the wonderful locations, activities and dangers that await as players make their way through the game’s open world.

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Finch1234d ago

This is looking great, but where is the map editor videos?

Spenok1234d ago

At the very least we know it's in the game. Can't wait to see what people do with it.

Finch1234d ago

Right, but that's all we know and its barely a week away.

Spenok1234d ago

If it's anything like the previous map editors, I'm sure we don't have anything to worry about. I'm sure there will be some extra stuff in it too. No doubt.

Finch1233d ago

I have faith that it will be great to the best one ever. I just think its odd that they showing nothing on it when its one of the main selling points to the game.

Spenok1233d ago

Meh. For some people. I don't know too many people who get into it. Though I know there's a huge community for it. It's a big selling point, absolutely. Though not one of the main ones for the masses.

AndrewLB1234d ago

Only a little over a week to go! When I first heard about how this game would take place in the Himalayas I was like WTF? That sounds kinda dumb. Boy was I wrong. They've really done a great job on the environment and the emphasis on elevation make it all more interesting. I have a feeling they really spent a lot of time getting things just right so the player gets vertigo on command.