Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PC vs PS4 Screenshot Comparison: PC Version More Detailed

Here is a screenshot comparison that compares a couple of screenshots from the final build of the PlayStation 4 version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to the screenshots taken from PC version of the game. Each pair of the screenshots show that the game looks more sharp, detailed and overall graphically enhanced on PC compared to its PlayStation 4 counterpart.


While PS4 version of the game was running at 1080p, the screenshots taken are 720p in quality, so to equalize the comparison and match the resolution, the screenshots from PC version were also captured at 720p without any quality loss.

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sigfredod1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Lol, this comparison is wrong made, will not approve myself, the pictures on the in game shot are not the same quality, the PS4 size is way samller, they should made both the same size to be fair, heck they even use the same format PS4 shot is a compressed JPG and the PC is PNG file, Big fail.
If your pc ha ve the power for it it will look better no doubt, but at least in a fair comparison to see the level of detail no need to artificial enhance the details of one over the other to make it look even better

Frisky1380d ago

The all screenshots are in JPG format actually. And to maintain quality of the comparison, the game was not maxed out on PC so the screenshots taken from it match the quality of the screenshot for PS4 version of the game.

decrypt1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Why make graphics quality comparisons for a COD game anyways. Majority of PC gamers wont be playing it. Mostly its consolers that will be playing this game.

Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics.

Which is one of the reasons why COD is such a success on consoles.

xHeavYx1380d ago

"PC Version More Detailed"
Well, thank you Captain Obvious.

"And to maintain quality of the comparison, the game was not maxed out on PC"
That makes no sense.

Ravenheartzero1380d ago


Do pc gamers care only about graphics? You keep mentioning BC all the time too, aren't old games graphically worse than newer games? I think it's Fair to say that most gamers regardless of platform put gameplay over graphics. Just look how many still play WoW and LoL

AndrewLB1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Its completely ridiculous that they'd do a graphics comparison between PC and PS4 if they're going to impose parity on the PC even though it can do so much more.

My guess as to why they don't show PC maxed out is because they have very lucrative advertising deals with Sony and Microsoft that they wouldn't want to somehow lose if they were to make them look bad.

Kleptic1379d ago

misleading title...should be:

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare screenshot comparison between 1 device with locked settings and another with unlocked settings, but we adjusted the settings on the unlocked device to be just like the locked device so zero point made"

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Play2Win1380d ago

"...If your pc ha ve the power for it it will look better no doubt..."

At least you know your place.

Can't wait to max it tomorrow.

u4one1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

The ps4 is equivalent to a low end graphics card. Its not going to look as good as a PC with more powerful components. This will always be the case. The PC version wasn't even maxed out in this comparison.

NarooN1380d ago

The PS4's GPU is only slightly less powerful than the HD 7870. That's not anywhere close to "low-end".

decrypt1380d ago


Time goes on tech gets old in the real world. When ps4 launched 7870 was a mid range card. Today it is low end.

If the time clock of tech around the world worked like consoles do then iphone 1 would still be a high end smart phone. Sorry the world moves on, just because consoles are stuck with the same tech for a decade same law doesnt apply to the rest of the world.

NarooN1380d ago

Low-end cards are stuff like the R5 cards and GT 640 stuff. HD 7870 is still mid-range. Yes, tech constantly evolves but we still haven't had a huge shift in GPU power yet since GCN and Kepler launched in 2012.

And no, my statement had nothing to do with consoles. I know it's cool to sit on your master-race perch and try to pretend you're relevant or more important than anyone else who doesn't share your deluded beliefs but reality doesn't work that way.

Kleptic1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

The PS4 has a gpu similar in performance to a 7870M, not a desktop 7870...

I'm not in anyway giving legitimacy to these types of comparisons or arguing about how 'incredible' PC's are...they continue to have just as many comprimises as any specific platform...consoles are a bit weaker but also get developer preference, and generally impose better QA on the the products, in general, work better at release (but not always, sadly)...

however...NarooN...context is key...there are very few people that will take you seriously when you say a 7870, be it desktop or its weaker mobile spin off, as 'mid-range' by today's standards...yes, when the PS4 released, that may have been a mid-range card for a laptop...but when you can buy Nvidia 780's and R9 290'x...literally more power than a Xbox One and Ps4...combined...gpu wise...for less than either console cost new...they are nothing but low end, period...

there is no 'low end' PC segment as far as gaming goes...because the industry made it that way...nothing weaker than a console has any place in a PC intended for gaming...because developers literally cut corners and save money by letting a PC's extra resources make up for further optimization...overall its simply that you can't play modern games on a PC with anything less than whats in the latest consoles...that fundamentally makes consoles the default low-end as far as hardware goes...and that is nothing new...consoles become the PC segments baseline in less than a year, its been that way since the PS1...this is just the first time in a while that the consoles are so directly comparable to PC parts architecturally...

and gpu power is WAY ahead of cpu improvement...thats the hold up in real time rendering...and the consoles definitely didn't help in that regard...AMD can't compete, and intel has just focused on efficiency because of it...both AMD and Nvidia have publicly stated numerous times that GCN and Kepler architectures are scalable to the point that no mass production cpu's can drive them (did you read that recent interview with AMD? they frustratingly admitted that their bulldozer cpu map can't push their very own high end gpu's, and that excavator won't fix that)...which won't change any time, they as well, are focusing on efficiency and heat reduction...

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thisismyaccount1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Sorry, but those are NOT native 720p PC images, more likely 1440p downsampled to 720p. Next time Kid, hide the info (MSi Afterburner).

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Masterh0ppa1380d ago

Why on earth a comparison to PC. Ofcourse the PC looks better.

lemoncake1380d ago

Yeah PC this gen is always going to come out top of the pile.

SpinalRemains1381380d ago

What pile? The stack of 6 discs to run the game on PC?

iamgoatman1380d ago



Welcome to 2014! You're obviously been in a coma for the past 11 years, a lot has changed, including Digital Distribution becoming the most popular way of delivering PC gaming content.

Agent_hitman1380d ago

In other news Roses are Red, Grass are Green, Sky is Blue..

e-p-ayeaH1380d ago

and the night is dark and full of terrors

fullmetal2971380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

It is universally accepted that the PC version will always be on top when it comes to multplats. If they included that pc can run pass 60 frames and run at 4k resolution then it's absolutely no contest.

MasterCornholio1380d ago

"While PS4 version of the game was running at 1080p"

I thought it was 900P.


Frisky1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

The game is native 1080p on PS4 and slightly higher than 900p on Xbox One.

MasterCornholio1380d ago

Oh crap I'm so sorry.

I thought this was about Unity.

Forgive me.


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