COD: Advanced Warfare Is 1080p on PS4, Xbox One's Res Is Dynamic; Getting it on Next Gen Was "Tough"

With the Day Zero edition of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hitting the shelves right as I’m writing, Sledgehammer Games Co-Founders Glen Schofield annd Michael Condrey are holding an AMA on Reddit, providing interesting details about the game.

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jackanderson19851302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

nice to know the final resolution i suppose... and surely this will put an end to all the razzamajazz about MS forcing parity seeing as they pay activision a serious amount of cash for DLCs advertisement etc etc only for Activision not to force parity on a game so heavily promoted for MS

Volkama1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

You know better than that. People will continue to carefully select or neglect whatever information fits their agenda. Otherwise those parity claims would never have made it past Ghosts.

Bathyj1302d ago

I think we were all getting over the parity thing and we were all happy this gen seemed to be playing out as it should with each machine being developed to its strengths.

Then Ubisoft had to come out and say were just going to make Assassins Creed the same on both to avoid dramas.

I dont think anyone really said MS was the reason for it, but PS gamers were miffed none the less and with fair reason and drama was increased, not reduced.

Why o why1302d ago

Were people saying ms forced parity on this despite the last version having zero parity? I thought we all already knew this was 1080p on the ps4.

I'm hoping you're not grouping this with the ubisoft shenanigans because of advertising deals... 2 different cases. With ubi, nobody can state if ms leaned on them... what we can say is that somebody inside ubi themselves said they didn't want the bickering..... doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out parity was forced be it internally or externally

Cupid_Viper_31302d ago

Ugh, don't take what I'm about to say as gospel or anything, but here is what I think happened.

I don't think this is any proof that MS is not forcing parity on multiplatform games. We have actual evidences of MS parity clause, even Sony publically spoke out against it last gen.

If anything, I think this is a perfect example that shows Microsoft's diminishing influence with game publishers. They no longer have the advantages of last generation, where the XBox 360 had the larger install base in the US and UK, and was also easier to develop for. Now, they are having a much tougher time trying to dictate to publishers what to do.

The PS4 is very easily outselling the XBox One in both hardware and just as importantly, software. FIFA 15 has yet to break a million copies on the Xbox One according to VGCHARTZ (unreliable, I know).

Again, don't take this as the gospel. But we do know for a fact that MS has a parity clause in place. And I highly doubt this somehow proof of it's abolishment/absence.

GarrusVakarian1302d ago

I'm just glad that awful framerate drop/stutter isn't present on the PS4 version, like it was for Ghosts.

You know....I think I may actually give this CoD a shot (pun intended). It looks fun.

Pogmathoin1302d ago

Some awesome stealth trolling cupid.... Played expertly! 😃. Or could have been genuine.... Lukas, ghosts was alright played well on Xbox one, did not try it on PS4. I still find it strange using Dualshock for FPS'ers.... Habit I guess....

GameNameFame1302d ago

It has same resolution as 900 p basically Xbox one

AngelicIceDiamond1302d ago

From a perception stand point of view I'm glad the res is hitting the mark from last years Ghost 720p break out.

AndrewLB1301d ago

You Sony guys are hilarious. You continually blame Microsoft for Parity and how they're evil for ruining your PS4 games... yet it seems SONY has been doing the exact same thing.

"I don't think this is any proof that MS is not forcing parity on multiplatform games. We have actual evidences of MS parity clause, even Sony publically spoke out against it last gen. "

SONY also spoke out about intrusive DRM right after Microsoft made their E3 announcement, yet SONY has even admitted that they had plans for THE EXACT SAME INTRUSIVE DRM as Microsoft. But when they saw M$ get hammered, they quietly backed off and removed it with the Day-1 patch.

Also, SONY has been pressuring developers to dumb down the PC version of many multiplayer games.

gatormatt801301d ago

Care to show us a link that shows Sony admitting that they had the same plans as MS for DRM? I've heard rumors but never Sony actually admitting to it.

raymantalk11301d ago


i checked out your 2 links and all it says is "He then implied that console makers are pressuring them into doing the same thing on PC"

this is not proof that SONY/MS have pressured any game developer, it is just hear say please get your facts straight before trying to make any sony fan look stupid all you have done here is make yourself look stupid.

DigitalRaptor1301d ago

@ AndrewLB

You and your buddy KNWS are continually trying to make accusations and prove things to make Sony look bad, with paper-thin sources and speculation.

It's getting pretty pathetic now. There's no evidence that Sony had the same DRM in place, nor is there evidence that they were rigorously planning it as a key part of their next console, nor can the same be said about the forced parity regarding 30fps.

It's sad that you write this stuff in BLOCK CAPS, likely with a big grin on your face regardless of the fact that your'e exposing nothing and cannot prove any of it. It's not a revelation. It's not double standards. It's a poor, baseless attempt at some kind of retribution and as such is an embarrassment.

donthate1301d ago

I find it ironic that when people here suggest MS is enforcing parity it is accepted, and when opposite proof appears, the goal post is moved.

Yet we now have actual sources (or rumors if you prefer) that both MS/Sony is pressuring devs to mess up the PC version, that is suddenly dismissed simply because it makes Sony look bad.

The double standard is quite clear!

Too bad for you guys, all this debate is quickly vanishing and the public has moved on. Next year, there will be a niche group here still in fierce discussion while the rest just plays games!

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Jaqen_Hghar1302d ago

What? Don't try to spin this into proof that parity being forced DOESNT exist it's proof that it DOES exist. The more games that are different the more it proves that PS4 is capable of more. The less games that are on equal terms it shows that those games are clearly being forced to. COD is simply too big to control. MS can't keep throwing money into a division where they are unable to penetrate the market like they want. They can't buy EVERY game off lol they just made sure with AC to keep it equal because of the marketing. COD will take the marketing money but won't be controlled they're just too big. The more sales the more money it takes to force parity on all platforms.

Bathyj1302d ago

I dont like you out of character...

Jaqen_Hghar1302d ago

A man doesn't see how he was out of character he never spoke in first person

AgentSmithPS41302d ago

A Smith hates parity, we must break free of this prison, this zoo.

1302d ago
Imalwaysright1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

A man really likes to talk out of a man's ass. Why on earth would MS pay Ubisoft to make 1 one game equal on both platforms? You would have to be an idiot to think that 1 game, just 1 game, will change the perception that the PS4 is more powerful than the X1 when the PS4 has been outperforming the X1 in EVERY single multiplatform game. That argument that MS paid Ubisoft to make Unity the same on both platforms would only make sense if the Xbox division was run by a barbaric nincompoop.

Ausbo1302d ago

Your arguement means nothing cause its pure speculation.

Bigpappy1302d ago

So there you have it. On N4G parity is being forced by M$, as a result COD is 900p on X1 and 1080p on PS4.

I love it here!

Ju1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

Ubi themselves proved the PS4 GPU can be twice as fast as the XO: page 120. 1600 vs 830 (not just 50% more). If ACU is the same, then it's made on purpose, there is no technical reason for that.

AndrewLB1301d ago

FYI everyone, the act of paying a developer to make changes to your competitors product is completely against proper competitive business practices and is highly illegal.

The moment one of you has actual proof that developers are receiving money to dumb down the competitors product is the moment a big lawsuit is filed.

Jonny5isalive1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

so there is no parity, except when a game like AC has the same resolution? then its MS fault right? I mean the ps4 can for sure run the game in 1080p with no problem, and besides resolution there is no other possible aspects of AC that could be better on ps4. Resolution is the only thing there is.

Im not even a PC gamer anymore but to see you people put so much stock in resolution and only resolution makes me wonder if you would even be able to tell the difference if someone who isnt a moron didnt tell you there was a difference. There is alot of things that will be better on ps4 I bet regardless of having the same resolution.

If I had a BA PC that can play games in 4k, then I set the resolution to 1080P. DO you think that my PC game on max settings will look the same as the console version at the same resolution? Is 1080p a framerate?

Fez1301d ago

That is no where near to proof that parity is being forced.

Some games will be released on equal terms to save money and time on development. The closer the two versions are to one another, the less work required.

You can't proclaim forced parity without evidence.

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Blasphemy1302d ago ShowReplies(3)
CertifiedGamer1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

The reason why their is no resolution parity in COD compared to ACU is because MS can't afford to let Activision take DLCs to Sony. Activision tells MS and Sony how things are going to be made while Microsoft tells Ubisoft how things are going to be made. This doesn't change anything. Ubisoft bends over for a buck while Activision knows that every dollar is a power house.

Jonny5isalive1301d ago

the reason is because AC is a real new gen game and COD is not doing anything that cant be done on 360 and ps3.

tlougotg1302d ago

Yeah let's just clearly forget what Ubisoft said in regards to parity just because Activision published Cod and it's higher rez. On ps4 lol We already know some pubs/devs forcing parity is an issue so who's purposely neglecting information to fit their agenda?

BobBelcher1302d ago

Honestly, if the developers make a big deal about the resolution from the beginning, so will the fanboys/consumers. Just come out with it, and get on with business. Truly 1080p/900p just isn't that big of a deal to lose your heads over. And let's just face it, if you own a console- the only reason you're losing your mind over that sort of differentiation in resolution is simply because you just want something, anything, to have over your 'pretend' rival's console.

1301d ago
2cents1301d ago

Im happy with that result!

Definitely an improvement from the last outing and also showing progress on the X1 platform.

Not bad that the lowest it goes is 1360×1080, not much in it now. Well done Sledgehammer Games!

N2NOther1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

To be fair, different deals might have different clauses. Crazy, I know. That is, if we are or aren't subscribing to the notion that a parity clause can exist.

1301d ago
XanderZane1301d ago

I could care less about the resolution crap. I care more about gameplay, control and being able to play online with no issues. I got the XB1 version for that reason. I love the XB1 controller for FPS and I won't have to worry about any issues with XBL while playing it online. The game looks great on both systems.

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TheWatercooler1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

There it is. PS4 is superior as usual.

Xbone dynamic resolution? That is pretty funny. I wonder how long it actually spends at 1080p? My guess is not much. Probably the pre rendered cutscenes. Looking forward to Digital foundry telling all.


Nice troll comment. Attack PSN. That seems to be the order of the day round here.

Never had 1 problem with psn. Destiny worked flawlessly. Outside of occasional maintenance PSN has always been flawless.

shadyiswin1302d ago ShowReplies(3)
Jaqen_Hghar1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

When you're walking around during the 2 seconds of quiet character development during a COD campaign. Then down when the 5 billion Baysplosoins start and the mindless attempts to impress people with one set-piece after another start.

hello121302d ago ShowReplies(4)
Dewitt1302d ago

This comment. No words. Still laughing.

The game hasn't been released so we have no idea how they will do dynamic resolution, they use it on PC all the time. Anyways, it's all about MCC for most XB1 owners anyways.

DirtyLary1302d ago Show
Sandy_Claws1302d ago Show
SonofGod1301d ago


Nice troll comment. Attack PSN."

You're attacking XO just as much as shady is attacking your precious PSN. Only reason he is marked as troll and you're not is because N4G has more Sony fans than Xbox. If you can't see that you need some glasses.

"Never had 1 problem with psn. Destiny worked flawlessly. Outside of occasional maintenance PSN has always been flawless."

That is so BS. You're a troll and a fanboy.

1301d ago
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The93Sting1302d ago

it was "tough" to get it working on xbox one? O_O

smellslikeralph1302d ago

they did not say that read the article

"Just getting the game onto next gen platforms was tough. All new engine and tech, learning our way around that was time consuming but that’s where the three years came in handy."

stevej3361302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

It was tough getting it on next gen with the new enginse. Good thing they had 3 hears... read the article ;)

Smellslikeralph beat me to it.

Travis37081302d ago

Good news for the PS4 version.

Ben Dover1302d ago

"Minimum Xbox One resolution is 1360×1080, and dynamically scales from there to full 1080p. That’s over 50% increase from last year accoeding to Condrey. The game runs in native 1080p on PS4. Both runs at rock solid 60 FPS."

Take notes Ubisoft. No need to bring one console down for the other.

memots1302d ago

i tough it was unacceptable that Killzone had 2 different resolution, One for single player and one for Multiplayer.

In all seriousness as long that the frame per second sticks and its not noticeable its all fine

Christopher1302d ago

Killzone Shadowfall outputted a 1080p image frame by frame in multiplayer as well. It was just a software created frame taking 1/2 of the last frame and combining it with 1/2 of the current frame.

So, no, shadowfalle didn't have issues with resolution.

Jonny5isalive1301d ago

yup. having the same resolution means that every other visual aspect of the game is the same too.