Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's new trailer is gaming at its worst

Game culture is infected with a virus that won't go away. It's poisoning our system, getting passed around from one person to the next, virally, until toxicity becomes the norm.

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Alicornium1296d ago

I love that trailer! What are you talking about?

martinezjesus19931296d ago

Cod has always had some of the best trailers. This last one was one of my favorite

shivvy241296d ago

Loved this, They make really good live action trailers, the black ops 2 one was awesome

UltraNova1295d ago

Great trailer indeed but why do I feel like I just ate an entire corn field after watching it? hmmm

SolidStoner1295d ago

when I buy PS4 I will make sure this new cod dont get into my game library.. this COD looks worse than those milked ones..

I recommend to buy Battlefield 4 Premium edition.. more maps, better graphics, better damage, more realistic and better supported, 64 players online, huge maps, no jumping around in ridiculous suits.. (and now its fixed and works!) no doubt what to choose.. ohh and the price is less..

UltraNova1295d ago

One disagree??? Funny, I still feel bloated by all that corny stuff..Shmm


I don't see what's so wrong with it either and I can't care less about COD or its trailers as I'm more of a BF guy... But that hover bike? Me want it!

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Geekman1296d ago

Agreed. The only thing "poisoning" the gaming community is gamer negativity.

Heck, I'm not even a huge CoD fan and I love this trailer.

Ares84HU1296d ago

What's poisoning the gaming community is gaming "journalists" like this guy.

HeWhoWalks1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Yep, on the same page. The reason why it feels like gaming is losing its "magic" is because of many of its gamers (and many, many journalists). This trailer makes me WANT to play the game. That's how it should be!

artisin1296d ago

We should all, like, live in a world where criticism is banned from all the consumer products! *High fives*

Th4Freak1296d ago

@artisin No one is deying your right for criticism, we're denying your sensasionalist *looking for hits* bs article.

Baka-akaB1295d ago

Please i strongly dislike the cod franchise , but you're taking it on another level and trashing (at least in the title) for hits .

Got little to do with criticism

Tru_Ray1295d ago

Agreed. This trailer is excellent. It conveys to the viewers that COD:AW is a an exciting, action-packed game that will fulfill your unconscious wish of being a super-soldier. I would say that the marketing team knocked this one out of the park.

When did our beloved gaming journalists become so deluded about their role in this industry? It is it too difficult for them to comprehend that Journey and Call of Duty coexist in our industry? News flash!! I own both games! The two aren't mutually exclusive!!! It is possible to enjoy both games!!

On a somewhat related note, I am also a huge fan of Terrence Malick's films. Am I pretty sure that I am one of a handful of people that saw his last film, "To The Wonder," which flopped at the box office. Am I going around and complaining that the mainstream film audience is idiotic because they flocked to see The Avengers instead? No, because I acknowledge that the "high cinema" is not going to resonate with 99% of moviegoers. This so called "travesty" is not going to adversely impact my enjoyment of "To The Wonder".

Similarly, the mass-market success of these blockbuster games is not going to adversely impact your experience with Journey, Depression Quest, Sound Shapes, Braid, Fez, or whatever overvalued indie game you prefer.

I am an equal opportunity gamer. I love Call of Duty (yeah I said it. I know that it is cool to say that it sucks, but I am not going to pretend that I don't buy it every year...). Journey was cool. Terrence Malick is cool. Joss Whedon is cool.

It is OKAY to have diverse interests.


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plmkoh1296d ago

Lot's of killing - Check
Cool dude bro buddy - Check
Hyper active scene cuts - Check
Woman in the only role that leaves nothing to imagination - Check
Rock music complete with guitar riffs - Check

Obviously this trailer has been forged to target the very demographics of the 'gamer' crowd. It does it so well, that I would've blushed if it threw in some Mountain Dew/Doritos at the end or a preorder offer of free pants/hooked impaler.

plmkoh1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Oh whoopee, did I strike your nerve with my comment? Yeah I'll refrain next time, your mommee and dadee already preordered this game for ya, don't want to ruin your intimate virtual alone time with your dude bro games.

SaveFerris1295d ago

It's a trailer for an FPS game. What did you expect?

HammadTheBeast1295d ago

That's the thing though, that's all that CoD is about. For every medium, there has to be a dude-bro thing which caters to casuals and the lowest denominator. Think Transformers in movies, Big Bang Theory and sitcoms in TV Shoes, and idk what to say without offending people in books (was gonna say Harry Potter, but the world is actually good).

Gh05t1295d ago

"Lot's of killing" - Its a war game, do I need to explain to you what happens on the battlefield?

"Cool dude bro buddy" - You are right I forgot I wanted my Grandma on the battlefield next to me, especially in a trailer for a VIDEO GAME. (although that would have made this ad just as cool, your grandma telling you to get up and kick some ass)

"Hyper active scene cuts" - Again its an FPS action game, lots of action is the POINT!

"Woman in the only role that leaves nothing to imagination" Ahh yes the classic, "How dare you be thinking about your girlfriend while you are half unconscious." GTFO, Stop trying to shame people into liking attractive women as if that was wrong.

"Rock music complete with guitar riffs" - COD is so much more fun while listening to Mozart. Why pump you up when we can put you to sleep. That will sell a game.

"Obviously this trailer has been forged to target the very demographics of the 'gamer' crowd."

Why not, that is the majority of the crowd that is going to buy it... That is called DOING YOUR JOB if you are the marketing department.

Its you people that get laughed at for trying to shame and marginalize people for being themselves while telling everyone to "Be Themselves, and be okay with who they are"

Oh you like playing war games, with your man friend, with lots of action, and sexy women, while listening to rock music.. there is something wrong with you, that should not be allowed, seek help.

If I found an article about an ad that was overly homosexual and made the same points would you stand up for that too? yeah didn't think so... why because IT DOESN'T MATTER! The difference between people like you and sane people... sane people understand the inconsistency of the bile that spews from their own mouths.

4Sh0w1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Ghost, we'll said.

What's wrong with a war game being a war game? I'm getting sick of this new gaming stigma where good games are trashed because they aren't reinventing everything we've ever known about a particular gaming genre. I'm very educated but sometimes I just want to hop on a game that just let's me blow shiii I up, sensible story be dammed.

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TheSaint1296d ago

I'm not a fan of CoD and I love that trailer.

ramiuk11296d ago

WTF is poster on about
that was AWESOME!!!!


aawells071295d ago

Awesome trailer. Wanna play the game now.

geddesmond1295d ago

Yeah I haven't played a COD since MW2 but after seeing this ad I've decided to buy it now. I'm just waiting for some reviews to see if it has any issues or a short campaign.

Godz Kastro1295d ago

I played this trailer over and over... It's one of the best. Total disagree from me and I'm NOT a fan boy!

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Ravenor1296d ago

Sigh, another year, another CoD and another round of the pretentious circle jerk. Some people like CoD, it's more than a single player campaign. There's no point railing on it, promote things like Gone Home or Journey on their own merits. They shouldn't be used as ammunition for your own pretentious view on what games SHOULD be.

I can enjoy Chaplin or Scorses films, while also enjoying something from Michael Bay. They don't need to be independent from one another. It's fine to enjoy both, enjoying CoD or Transformers doesn't make you some hyped up Bro who gets off on power fantasy, the same way enjoying Dead or Alive, or Bayonetta doesn't turn you into a creep who thinks women are sexual toys.

SolidGear31296d ago

Yesss! Give this guy a bubble :3

zeuanimals1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

The problem is is that Michael Bay films do amazing in the box office while other films don't. Production companies don't like spending too much money on promoting smaller films or films they think might be a bit harder to sell, but they'll spend millions on a new Transformers. Guess which films don't get sequels and which do, or which directors get a ton of money thrown at them to make new big budget films and which don't.

That's a big problem in every entertainment industry, and gaming's got the same problem. The reason Bayonetta 2 needed help from Nintendo was because the original had a crappy marketing budget and couldn't sell enough to warrant a sequel.

Also, having a ton of ads and having them placed in every big event helps something practically drown out the overall impact and relevance of other products. That means that what little marketing a certain game gets, people won't likely remember it as well because they see way more of something else (since humans have very short attention spans, make your point once and we'll forget, make it dozens of times and we might remember).

It's a problem, stop trying to sweep it under the rug by telling yourself "well, they don't impact one another so who cares". Not saying you can't enjoy COD and other games made with some kind of passion, but most people don't ever know about other games because of the way advertisements work, and when that happens, we get good developers with a vision and no support for that vision.

DarthZoolu1295d ago

if you want to make money make with people what don't make something new and then getting mad but everybody doesn't like it that much. not making the games that people want to play right now is not a risk is just f****** stupid.

Baka-akaB1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Except that's not a real issue . Those movies still wouldnt do well without the existence of blockbusters like Transformers , and still wouldnt get big budgets .

Imo it's a delusion , to think that the vaccum left by the hypothetical absence of movie and gaming blockbuster , would be filled , for the mainstream public and the "dudebros" , by smaller films or games .

Those blockbuster litterally create and generate their own audience , while those others rarely do , even without competition . We see it already with plenty "cult hits" still not getting a big audience even in month devoid of big releases , all year long . In a nutshell it usually just mean that those games reached the maximum audience they could , or that people quite frankly dont care . The rest is too often just an excuse for people jealous or angry at the behalf of underated stuff ... or baffled that a game they like is widely ignored .

Too often we even hear the game that "XXX" didnt get a promo campaign , when it actually did , and was constantly and extensively covered by magazines and sites . Sometimes you just can't force a breakthrough if it doesnt cater to popular tastes

Tru_Ray1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

I agree with this comment 100%.

Terrence Malick (a film director mentioned in the article) is widely regarded by film critics and scholars as one of the finest contemporary filmmakers working in the industry today. His last film completely bombed at the box office. Is this because it didn't get the marketing exposure that it "deserved"? No. It bombed because most moviegoers are unable to process the disjointed and meditative nature of its narrative. Therefore, it did not resonate with them.

The same can be said about all of these astoundingly great indie titles that aren't getting the recognition that they deserve. If they aren't resonating with the mainstream gaming community, then they won't sell. It's just that simple.

This may be a complex concept for our gaming media to comprehend, but people are entitled to purchase the games that resonate with them!!!!! It is okay!!!!!!


Ps4andxb11295d ago

Women aren't sexual toys?

When did this happen ?!

Ravenor1295d ago

I don't know buddy, I just don't know. Sometime between Suffrage and 1991 is what I reckon.

jspsc1231295d ago

didnt bayonetta 2 do something with play boy

Ravenor1295d ago

It's not my cup of tea, but the point still stands. Enjoying Bayonetta doesn't make you a creepy dude who thinks women are objects. People don't work that way, sorry to break it to the people who think they do. Being a human being is a bit more complicated than that kind of simplistic way of thinking.

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Agheil1296d ago

I agree, great trailer. People really need to let go of the hard on they get from hating Call of Duty. It's popular, people obviously enjoy it. If you don't, that's fine, move on with your life.

ramiuk11296d ago

i had enough of CODS last gen,got ghosts onm y ps4 and it was MEH.
but i have watched cod:aw for a while and im really looking forward to it myself.

TheWackyMan1296d ago

How dare they market call of duty to it's main demographic of people.