Five things Destiny can learn from Skyrim

Kyle Philips thinks Destiny can learn a few tricks from Skyrim and writes:

"Destiny is Bungie’s latest IP, it combines some of the best elements of RPGs and MMOs with a strong first person shooter core experience. Destiny encourages players to explore the world and have adventures with other players met on chance encounters. While playing Destiny I can’t help, but feel like I am in the world of Skyrim. Although Destiny and Skyrim are drastically different games they do share several core principles. For example both games rely upon the player’s curiosity and desire to explore the world. Additionally, both games reward players with loot upon completion of quests. The similarities between the games are numerous. However, I think the developers at Bungie could learn a thing or two (or five) from Bethesda."

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iwarn410961205d ago

This is very, very true!

Tetsujin1205d ago

For once a list that isn't biased, I actually enjoyed reading it. I also agree with the author, those alone would amplify the replay 100%.

DefenderOfDoom21205d ago

I do agree with the list , but i think DESTINY is closer to ESO . SKYRYM is more single player focused.

OmegaShen1205d ago

The crafting one is about the only thing Destiny should do, other stuff is dumb because Destiny is trying to be a MMO.

DougLord1205d ago

Have an open, connected world.
Have towns.
Have NPCs.
Have a plot.
Be good.

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