Lords of the Fallen Collector's Edition available on Amazon

After its announcement mid-September, the Collector's Edition for Lords of the Fallen is now available on the US Amazon website for preorder.

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Joher1163d ago

Collectors Edition in that price is very interesting offer. Lords of the Fallen have very rich Collector Edition and I must think about buy it before it will be sold out.

ThePowerpuffGirl1162d ago

I already bought the limited edition, so it passed me near the nose. But I have to admit that editing is rich. Price, it's true, is not excessive. Bust Harkyna I like. Faithfully given, prohibited mouth. :)

Aon1162d ago

I agree with all of you. Lords of the Fallen Collectors Edition looks great. Limited Edition is good too, but honestly Limited Edition is included in Collectors Edition so it was hard choice. I'm very happy this game comes out in this month:)

ThePowerpuffGirl1157d ago

Now, I think more about the tours, Lords of the Fallen, in the UK. Several cities, and the opportunity to play in the demo. You do not even know how I envy .;) But, you can not have everything. Soon premiere of game and this also I am very happy.

riverside6661155d ago

Unfortunately, I bought the limited edition, but unfortunately I put here only because I lack the will of these additives in the collector's edition. no beholder, in the end game is the same and here and here. may be the opportunity to buy these gadgets;)

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