D4 Dark Dreams Don't Die Review - Better with Kinect - CramG

A video and text review of the madcap Access Games Xbox One exclusive D4 Dark Dreams Don't Die.

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Foehammer1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

Now 78 on metacritic, better score than Destiny

Congrats Swervy

christocolus1331d ago

I'm glad MS is marketing the game now. More people need to play this masterpiece. Great job to swervy and his team at access games.

gamer78041331d ago

just imagine how well it would have done if it had even half of Destiny's marketing budget.

kalimero21331d ago

Great reviews. Sadly game is not selling too good

Xbox One Exclusive D4 is selling like complete shit, please help me #SaveD4

ghostface91331d ago

I want to know what these suppose of leaderboards are saying the game sold 10,000. Its a digital game so I would like to know what they are using to track and how this guy supposively got a hold of it. Now I know it probably didnt sell well because without talking about the game for months to market the game they just said at tgs it was coming out tomorrow. but its been picking up alot since that post was up as word is spreading of how awesome the game is

Scar-1331d ago

This game isn't mainstream and is exactly the type of game xbox owners don't buy. Bad choice by the developer to go with xbox the audience just doesn't want it.

ScorpiusX1331d ago

Just stop talking nonsense cause your line of bias BS is getting old and while you're at it stop making assumptions.

Scar-1328d ago Show