Destiny – Vault of Glass Raid Setup, Balancing the Build

Want to build the ideal Destiny raid team for Vault of Glass? We have you covered in this guide to prepare you as the raid leader, to be successful.

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sprinterboy1083d ago

Just sold my copy of destiny, worst dicision ever, really missing it already, gonna buy it again lol

levian1083d ago

Yea Destiny is the sort of game you play 2 days a week or so until an expansion or major content patch comes out

the_mack_attack31082d ago

I'm having fun at the moment, can't wait to start the raids!!

levian1081d ago

I'd like to start too, but I don't have enough friends who play the game :(

GuruStarr781082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

Just finished the vault of glass. It was really fun, and totally different than anything else the game has to offer.

It's kinda a pain in the butt to assemble a team for it, but it's really enjoyable, because you MUST work together.

Anyone who gives up on this game without giving the vault of glass a try is missing out, big-time... You also get alot of ascendant shards..

Also, I got an exotic PRIMARY weapon shotgun called the universal remote.. didn't even know they existed!

dissolve1082d ago

If anyone wants to do VoG, add me on Xbox One:
EATmoCHIKN007, I have a level 26 hunter!

Burackus1081d ago

same here if needs a couple of members to do the VOG add me PSN:Burackus