PS4: 'The Tomorrow Children' voting system, enemy types and acquiring missions

The Tomorrow Children is a game that we all want to know more about and Q-Games has decided to lift the hood up a bit more. Q-Games Founder Dylan Cuthbert talked about the various enemy types and behaviors players will see from foes in The Tomorrow Children.

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GribbleGrunger1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I'm not sure about this. I can see it being open to abuse by a few less friendly groups of people. I suppose, if it adds something to your experience you wouldn't have if you were just a 'good 'n'' then that's fine, but if you can't change the state to positive in some way, you could start feeling isolated, which isn't a great feeling even within a game world:

"You can down-vote or up-vote other players depending on their behavior, and that changes their status slightly. People normally show up as red figures in your world but if they get too many thumbs-down they’ll start getting darker, so you’ll know who is a bit of a wrong ‘un and you can steer clear of them. If you get too many thumbs-down the police – if you’ve built a police station, that is – might throw you in jail, so you’ll have to start evading them, which adds another element to the game,"

Edit: Ok, should have read it all first LOL

"It's good to note that a player's status will only be changed "slightly." We all know how trolls relish the opportunity to ruin another person's gaming experience, so placing too much emphasis on the voting system could end up damaging a player's game. To what extent the voting system will impact your game has yet to be seen."

sonic9891539d ago

The game itself looks very cool and very advanced BUT for some reason I am smelling a political stance being pushed with this game it looks to be advertised as some kind of advanced tech game with high morale goals we will see how it turns out

uth111539d ago

Well it has that whole Soviet/Communist aesthetic to it. I don't think it's really pushing the political aspect of it, it's more used as a retro thing...

sonic9891539d ago

We cant determine that until we play it.
The unity theme and the we will rise together I dont think that only refers to the soviet times but also well lets just wait and see life tought me that wise people wait till they make judgment stupid ones just speak as soon as they could