Video Marketplace for Xbox 360 is now Live!

With a robust library of 160 high-definition games expected by holiday, Xbox 360, the video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, will get even better today. On its one-year anniversary, Xbox 360 will digitally deliver an initial lineup of TV shows and movies to gamers in the U.S. via Xbox Live, the online games and entertainment network from Microsoft.

As announced earlier this month, Xbox Live Marketplace will now provide gamers with easy access to hundreds of full-length TV shows for download to own and movies for download to rent from CBS, MTV Networks, Paramount Pictures, Turner Broadcasting System, Ultimate Fighting Championship and Warner Bros. with more content rolled out through Xbox Live Marketplace every week. Xbox 360 is the first gaming console to offer standard and high-definition TV shows and movies via digital distribution.

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Funky Town_TX4402d ago

Sounds good. Now how much is blockbuster again?

eques judicii4402d ago

its almost 2 bucks less if the movie isn't new!

Mr Murda4402d ago

Or do you mean... How much for gas? Or how much for 30 minutes of my time to get the movie?

G_CodeMonkey4402d ago

I've downloaded 3 Beavis & Butthead and previewed a lot of South Park (I want my Cripple Fight!), but my first movie download (experiment) will be MI3, when available. I thought it would be out today. So far, cool -- it downloads a portion of the movie and then you can start viewing (streaming) before the whole thing is downloaded. gCM

PS360PCROCKS4402d ago

$6 seems expensive and ok so the movies are like HD-DVD/Blu-Ray quality? or would a HD-DVD player and movie look better than this?

SjaakHaas4402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

$6 is as much as renting a movie in the Netherlands. But XBL dilivers much faster and with HD quality! So u will get worth ur money.

I think this is a really good idea from MS. Expect discountcoupons with MS point for sertain movies. e.g. a free MS coupon with ur movieticket (so u can download MI3 with rebait after u watched it in theather).

SuperSaiyan44402d ago

HD content that you download i.e. movies is the same as HD content on the disc, however I am not so keen on download around 6gig worth of movie...Especially since imagine how big Lord Of The Rings Extended Edition could be...25gb?

Yomaster4402d ago

I wonder if they compress the movies to make them smaller? At least you can delete the movie and re-download whenever you want to, instead of deleting it and having to pay again. Pretty good pricing, though, but it kind of defeats the purpose if you have NetFlix.

death monk4401d ago

WMV 9 is a HUGE compression. Have you ever ripped a normal DVD into AVI? It's usually around 4 gigs uncompressed in SD resolution.

JasonXE4402d ago

Only one console to rule them all...

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The story is too old to be commented.