Need for Speed Rivals Complete Edition Announced

Electronic Arts has revealed Need for Speed Rivals Complete Edition, which will include all of the game’s six previously-released DLC packs. The game is set to launch on October 21 in North America and October 24 in Europe for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Neonridr1398d ago

Hey what better way to follow up a game that was released on the PS4 and Xbox One already? Release a "complete edition" which has all the DLC included and charge full price again..

ctate19951398d ago

Hence why EA so consistently gets awarded for being the worst company of the year in America xD

badz1491398d ago

I doubt this is the kind of practices that have warranted them the award.

as for this, they can't slap GoTY Edition to it, so Complete Edition will do then.

SoapShoes1398d ago

They are bad but Microsoft is giving them a run for their money.

Enemy1398d ago

Blame EA. Scummiest of them all, making even Activision look good.

ctate19951398d ago

Hahaha, when you make Activision look good there's a serious problem going on

Dudebro901398d ago

Um EA is not the only company to do this...double standards much?

RedDeadLB1398d ago

The thing is, for instance, that EA makes almost anything DLC. They have DLC packs containing 2 cars for NFS Rivals. Basically, their DLC isn't worth shit and is probably cut out of the game in the first place only to be sold later.

The only game EA releases that is worth buying is a "complete pack" game a year later. Then you get the game that you should have gotten in the first place.

With Rockstar, for example, that's not the case. Remember Red Dead Redemption? Remember Undead Nightmare? That was basically an entire game in itself, and it most definitely wasn't cut out of the game to be sold as DLC later. And when Rockstar released Red Dead Redemption GOTY, you got RDR and RDR:UN. That's what DLC should be.

This, what EA does with Battlefield and NFS is a disgrace and a blatant money grab from fools.

Palitera1398d ago

Bujio, you're talking about an exception when you refer one of the best expansions ever. One of the few recent DLC that can actually be called expansions.

The same Rockstar you praised made the MP part of their game very grindy and focused on microtransactions. The same company didn't release the full MP game sold to this date, one year later... Yes, heists...

Then again, back on the original topic, we support their crap. Obviously they'll keep doing it and won't refuse your money.

SoapShoes1398d ago

Surely but Rockstar rereleased Midnight Club with all the extras for the low price of Greatest Hits status. $20 PS2 and $30 PS3.

SteamPowered1398d ago

I dont believe it was released for Pc yet. Not that I want to pay full price, but new racers are always welcome on my rig.

Daniel_Potter1398d ago

It was released on pc(not the complete edition, but the game overall). TotalBiscuit made a video on it, advising to stay away from it cause it was locked to 30 fps.

SteamPowered1398d ago

@Daniel, Well that sucks. Im kind of bitter that sweet racers like Forza and Gran Turismo will never grace the PC. Im about done in with the mediocre offerings for Racers lately.

SniperControl1398d ago

It also didnt have bonnet cam or in car cam, just bumper cam and from behind cam.

Kribwalker1398d ago

Or I can have NFS rivals for free with EA access and then download any dlc I want. Sounds perfect.

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annoyedgamer1398d ago

How do we continue to spit in the face of fans? Let's release all the dlc with the game and charge max $$$. Sad part is people will buy this and EA will keep doing it.

GodGinrai1398d ago

My thoughts exactly. It was good launch console fodder though. It was one of the first games I bought on my X1. its almost a tradition for me to by an NFS game at a new console launch, only to ignore the series for the rest of that generation of consoles. Last NFS game I played before rivals? NFS most wanted! lol

atleast they didnt call it "game of the year edition" so many devs doing that these days, when their game was not GOTY. "complete edition" sounds more fitting.

cruzngta1398d ago

Does this mean PS4 is finally going to get the Viper SRT from the loaded garage pack? Cuz they didnt et it b4 - only XB1 did. It was an EA/Sony issue at the time and I was wondering if they will include it now being this is the "Ultimate Version' of the game.

WeAreLegion1398d ago

I'm sure it will be a huge seller with Forza Horizon 2 and Driveclub being out by that point. Brilliant strategy, EA!

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