The Best Part of the First Week of Destiny is the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

After pouring dozens of hours of into 'Destiny' over the past week, there's no doubt, the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset is one the best products that Sony has on the market today, and it's a killer headset solution for the PS4.

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xHeavYx1370d ago

Really thinking about getting rid of the PX5 and getting one of Sony's headsets

Bennibop1370d ago

I have the elites the sound quality is fantastic and the hold 5 downloadable presets

nX1370d ago

I have both and the Gold is actually better because it's much more comfortable yet just as good in terms of sound quality. It's actually the best Headset I owned yet and it really is a must buy for every PS4 (and PS3 owner) because it's very close to being perfect :)

itBourne1370d ago

I have both as well, I actually prefer the elites. A ton more settings for sound, as the Gold I have maxed out on everything, and my ps4 chat audio still sounds quiet.

Both are fantastic though, I have the elites plugged into my ps4, and the Gold plugged into my pc. Lol, for the price you really cannot complain at all.

wsoutlaw871370d ago

how could chat sound quiet, you can change it all the way until chat is the only thing you can hear and crank the volume. I have never thought chat volume was low

vikingland11370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

I had the PX5's and the golds are better because there is no interference. My PX5 headset was terrible for interference especially when running a micro wave. Golds are cheaper and sound great.

SaffronCurse1370d ago

Might be considering getting the golds. The Pulse headset that I have now are uncomfortable after 30 minutes of having them on. I heard that the Golds are much more comfy on the ears.

ramiuk11370d ago

i picked these up the other day and there brilliant.
the mic is good,the surround is great to say its virtual and very happy with them

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Outlaw19861370d ago

I love my sony gold wireless headset. :) great value!!!

tanukisuit1370d ago

I knew it...! I should have bought these when I had the damn chance ($77 CDN at Target). Welp, gotta hope for Black Friday...

FullmetalRoyale1370d ago

It is truly worth it. I chose to view my purchase of the gold headset for $99 as an investment for my ps4. Now I watch Netflix in surround sound, along with all of my games. I couldn't go back to playing without a headset, as everything sounds so flat and hallow through my television now.

medman1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

I was on the fence about buying them for awhile...then I saw them drop to 69.99 on amazon and I pulled the trigger...amazing value!!

holdmyown831370d ago

Got mines with the last of us. Both ended up being $100

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