Destiny is, so far, the most disappointing game of 2014

LP writes: "When I say Destiny is the most disappointing game of 2014 (so far), I don’t mean it’s a really bad game. It is however, the most high-profile disappointment of the year that I can think of."

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mrpsychoticstalker1553d ago

I thought that title belonged to infamous. Oh well, Bungie has always been good. What happened?

Dark111553d ago

Yeah but at least infamous and Destiny are fun to play
meanwhile WatchDogs is just pure garbage.

xHeavYx1553d ago

That's a sad attempt at trolling, even if you are a psychotic stalker.
Destiny is not disappointing, you just don't see any people defending the game because they are all busy enjoying the game

Jughead34161553d ago

"Destiny is, so far, the most disappointing game of 2014"

Says the press. Not gamers who've actually played the game.

starchild1553d ago

Yeah right. Watch Dogs had way less hype than Destiny and it has a higher metacritic score. (80 vs 75). By any objective metric Destiny was more the game that failed to live up to its hype.

Your own opinion doesn't matter in this discussion because we all have our own opinions. One person might hate Destiny and Infamous and love Watch Dogs, while someone else hates Infamous SS and Watch Dogs and loves Destiny. We all have our own opinions on these games, but if we are going to talk about the overall reception or hype of a game we have to go off of things that can actually be measured.

HanzoHattori1553d ago

Absolutely agree. Watch Dogs was a waste of pixels. The most disappointing game I have played this year.

iSuperSaiyanGod1553d ago

As I own alll three , watchdogs is by far the most boring game I've bought in a few years . Infamous was a 7 . It was just way to easy & the story made me mad after the brother died . It was fun , but way to much of the same type of missions . Meanwhile Destiny is pretty amazing if you give it a try . A solid 9 in my opinion . But I find my self playing plants vs zombies gw way more then any game on next gen . Such a sleeper . Can get lost for hours playing it !

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starchild1553d ago

Nah, Watch Dogs wasn't hyped nearly as much and it still has a higher average score than Destiny. Therefor Destiny is further away from matching its hype than Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs has an 80 on metacritic while Destiny has a 75.

In any case, I liked Watch Dogs. I haven't played Destiny yet, but it seems some people really like it while others don't. We all have our own tastes and preferences.

starchild1553d ago

The disagrees are pathetic. You stealth disagree-ers can't even provide a counter argument or any ideas of your own. All you can do is hit that disagree button.

What is there to disagree with?

Do you disagree that we all have our own tastes and preferences? Are you disagreeing with the fact that Watch Dogs has a higher metacritic average than Destiny? If so, provide some evidence to the contrary. And if you disagree with my statement that Destiny was hyped more than Watch Dogs I would love to hear your reasons for thinking otherwise because it seems pretty obvious to me that Watch Dogs received a lot of hate long before it ever came out while Destiny's hype was almost purely positive.

WeAreLegion1553d ago

Don't feed the troll, guys.

guyman1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Titanfall sucks

EDIT: i havent played it (not available in my country) but do you see how annoying that is by any chance?

Flamingweazel1553d ago

Infamous you stupid? That game was never hyped like destiny, and destiny actually reviewed worse, please.

Godmars2901553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

After leaving MS to keep from being trapped into making Halo games forever, they turned right around and made a Halo game. Something with an overly grand scaled adventure which only a sole ground solider, a "chosen one" who really gives off no indication of being extra ordinary, can complete.

Though I think Halo had at least more than one instance where "shoot it then shoot it some more" solved everything.

otherZinc1553d ago



I said the exact same thing!
Friggin Infamous is by far the most disappointing GOTY at this point.

1553d ago
3-4-51553d ago

Destiny is really fun.

Most of the complaints I've heard are about the Story and PvP.

* Basically = this:

* Those who are only interested in the Story, found it disappointing, they then equate the entire game to sucking.

* Those who aren't good at PvP, so then say there must be something wrong with the PvP, because they are doing bad.

You know the whole " PvP takes no skill"......mean while they go 3-17.

It takes skill, you just don't have any person complaining...

Destiny is fun for what it is, and it gets A LOT of the small details right.

The story's main concept is awesome, the actual story we get though, kind of does suck.

The gameplay is awesome, and the sparrow is the funnest in game vehicle I've ever driven.

They got a ton right, but people who are ignorant.....those things are above their comprehension level, so they don't understand those small details.

reaperofsouls1553d ago

says the guy who has obviously play infamous.

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Clown_Syndr0me1553d ago

So glad I passed on Destiny.

No games have disappointed me yet as I haven't bought into any hype.

Wolfenstein is my favourite game so far this year, totally unexpected and amazing!

CorndogBurglar1553d ago

If you haven't bought into the hype, then it won't disappoint you, as its still an awesome game. Does it live up to the impossible amount of hype behind it? No. No game could have done that.

But as long as you are okay with a weak story, and very similar missions, then you will be okay, as the actual gameplay is immensely fun and polished. Basically, aside from the two things I mentioned, which seems to be the biggest argument from all the reviews, the game is great. I give it a solid 8.5.

CertifiedGamer1553d ago

The game deserves an 8 at most but nothing lower than a 7.5 and this game has critically wounded bungie as a triple A developer as it hasn't ever been able to make a game like Halo because all the other games they developed have not managed to be that great. I would blame the poor performance of bungie on Bobby Kotick as I view him as the reason the game that the game is past gen and probably forced bungie for parity between consoles like he did with the COD series. Had this game allowed more players per map and actually pushed the 5GB of ram that the next gen systems could handle, I wouldn't doubt that we would have Battlefield lovers praising this game for the immensive enviroment, destructable enviroments with the Halo touch and MMO elements included but instead the Destiny we got could never be what it was meant to be.

Clown_Syndr0me1553d ago

Well I tried the alpha and beta and they bored me to death.
I let a friend (with very similar tastes) buy it first and he hates it, and ive watched streams and found them very boring too.
I'm not saying its a bad game, technically it was impressive. I was surprised how solid and stable the game was, the alpha was more stable than many final releases. But as far as tastes and opinions go it really isn't for me and I'm glad I didn't buy it. I very nearly did just because everyone else was but I held back.

Funantic11553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Don't waste your money on Destiny. It sucks. Some of these people who wasted their money are making the best out of their purchases and try to play the game. But the whole time they know it sucks. They're not defending Destiny they're defending their $60.

LazyGoron1553d ago

"others don't think like me, listen to me and don't buy the game. Any praise for this game stems from buyers remorse. Think like me."

Wolfenstein is a good game.

sevilha821553d ago

the gameplay is solid,the PvP is fun and skillbased.and about the story ,i think it was on purpose,most people are forgetting that it's supost to be a ten year project,so the story is not finish,it'on the open se have to wait (mostlly DLC of course).

Hate all you want me and my buddies are having a blast.

Someone wanna join me in a strike =)?

BattleTorn1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Oh no...... Not another "those who like it, really don't, but are trying to justify their $60 purchase" arguments....

If I hate a game, the last thing I do is go around the internet telling everyone how much I'm enjoying it!!!

Allsystemgamer1553d ago

I'm having fun. But you know me better than I do so I guess I'll go kill myself.

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CaspuR1553d ago

nahh its still watch dogs, but destinys not that far behind IMO.

starchild1553d ago

Nope. Watch Dogs was mainly in the news due to delays and talk of "downgrades". Destiny was by far the game that was hyped more. Yet it also scored 5 points lower than Watch Dogs. (Watch Dogs has an 80, while Destiny has a 75).

Watch Dogs was just about what I was expecting. It didn't absolutely blow me away, but it was a very enjoyable game.

CaspuR1553d ago

But I coulda swore I said IMO at the end of my initial comment...

starchild1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Yeah, but individual opinions are worthless in this context. There are as many opinions on these games as there are individuals. The subject is which game was a bigger disappointment and which failed to meet its hype to a greater degree. Looking at the hype and the critical reception of both games Destiny was clearly the worse in that regard.

If we're just talking about personal opinions, I doubt anyone cares, but I wouldn't consider either game to be a failure or a disappointment because I don't buy into hype in the first place. Watch Dogs was a fun game to me, and Destiny will probably be too.

Edit: Oh never mind. Reading over all of these comments I realize what it is all about. Sony fans are defending Destiny and bashing Titanfall and Watch Dogs, while Xbox Fans defend Titanfall and bash Destiny and Watch Dogs. That's just sad and pathetic. The gaming community is a joke.

Yo Mama1553d ago

It's trendy to hate on the most hyped game of the year.

I'll say this. If this game is a 6/10 like most haters want people to think, it's the goddamned best 6/10 game I've ever played! I want more 6.0 games!

CorndogBurglar1553d ago

Exactly. Most 6/10 games have something fundamentally wrong with the gameplay. There are glitches, or the game itself is unfinished, and lacks polish.

This game has none of that. Like I said before, aside from a weak story and similar missions, the game is great. No way in hell is it a 6/10.

Dread1553d ago


the game is no 9-10

but not WAY its a 6

7-8 is fair though.

Too bad, because I expected wonders from them. Maybe its beause they went multiplat like Insomnia or perhaps is Activisions fault.

I know that here at N4G they will find someway to blame Ms though. :)

beerzombie1553d ago

I did not buy it did not like beta. This game is not a 6 and the people I know love the game.

Saito1553d ago

So, you like playing average games that are devoid of quality?

AngelicIceDiamond1553d ago

Again I would NOT go that far. The game has major problems but the overall experience is NOT disappointing.

Why o why1553d ago

Yep....funny thing is I enjoyed this and watchdogs...yep...they have their flaws but calling it the mist disappointing games is going overboard.