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“Ultimately, Destiny is a beautiful but unsatisfying game. It tries too hard to blur the boundaries between a story-driven shooter and MMOFPS, and ends up proficient at neither.”

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tuglu_pati1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )


"Ultimately, Destiny is a beautiful but unsatisfying game. It tries too hard to blur the boundaries between a story-driven shooter and MMOFPS, and ends up proficient at neither. It gets a few things right, especially gunplay and presentation, but falters in the areas that most affect long-term playability."

So some reviews say it has re playability, this one says otherwise. Who should we believe?

-Foxtrot1530d ago

" Who should we believe? "

It's really personal taste but I think some people are giving Bungie the benefit of the doubt with how hyped the game has been and the fact it's coming from a highly respected developer.

The only time it has replay value is with friends but even then if you go on it for like 3-4 hours it's going to get boring after a while.

SoapShoes1530d ago

You could say the same about Halo or any game though...

-Foxtrot1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )


Halo and other games don't usually have the same repetitive mission over and over. Yes you are shooting bad guys but at least the way the levels are structured are different and don't require to do the same objective all the time for each mission.

Least when there is there's a variety of other missions to mix it up. I mean in something like Skyrim you have bunch of "Go fetch/find me this" missions but they don't appear all the time because you have such a variety of other missions.

This whole "you could say that about all games" excuse to defend the game is getting tiring

dasbeer881530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

You know a game sucks if Naughty Dog doesn't praise it. :P

This statement was meant to be a parody of PS fanboys here. XD

Johnsonparts231530d ago

but using unfair judgement on the game is getting tired too. If a game doesn't get criticized for one thing, then another game shouldn't get criticized for that same thing. So the "you could say that about all games" is a very valid argument. Judge games by the same standards.....

dasbeer881530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )


I know Uncharted series and The Last of Us felt so repetitive, boring, and uninspiring. To this day I'm still wondering how those games received hundreds of GOTY awards and perfect scores. ND and Sony probably paid millions for those awards and scores so that they may smooch them at every other developer's faces and add more gasoline to the fanboy flames.

-Foxtrot1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )


Oh no it's fine make this about Sony and Uncharted, don't actually talk about Destiny or the article.

It's fine if you want to be deluded /s

FriedGoat1530d ago

Well, I'm enjoying the game, and so happy to hear Marty o donnels music once more!

UltimateMaster1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Destiny is actually pretty damn good.

bosoxs5051530d ago

The game is solid but repetitive. I agree.

sci4me1530d ago

I´m enjoying it aswell. For me it´s as solid shooter. Having a blast with my friends. Story is a bit lacking but the gameplay is great. a 7 or 8 for me.

BattleAxe1530d ago

I played the beta and loved it, and now I'm having a great experience playing through the full game.Here's what I would say about Destiny:

- great game mechanics
- solid net code
- nice graphics
- intriguing story
- fun co-op gameplay
- fast paced and fun competitive multiplayer
- descent A.I.
- lots of customizations
- lots of game for the money

I haven't beaten the game yet, and I still have many more hours to invest in the competitive multiplayer, but so far I would give Destiny an 8.5/10 (PS3).

Bimkoblerutso1529d ago

Yeah, the shooting mechanics are as solid and refined as ever, and the environments are just ridiculously beautiful, but sadly the game does just about everything else worse than the other genres it borrows from.

The RPG stuff really just determines what missions you can go on and which enemies you can kill. The loot is rather boring and downplayed. The story is...I'm sorry, the story and characters just have no personality whatsoever. I just can't get into a mission when the only context is some random drones telling me to do something as flatly as they possibly can. It's like Bungie told all these voice actors that they would be fired on the spot if they detected any sign of emotion in their delivery.

Basically this game is going to amount to another "Halo with friends" for me...which will be good for the length of the campaign, but certainly not the revolution that Bungie was promising.

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ZeroX98761530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

the replayability is quite large with the great online PVP matches. I played a bit of the story, but the PVP is what I like the most for now. If the PVP was the only aspect of the game, then a 6/10 could make sense if you're not a big fan of online competitive shooters.

Giving titanfall a 9/10 (same site) when the online is the only feature you have for 60$....

But still, this is the guy review and we can't change anything about it. if he didn't like it so be it. going back to play destiny now :)

PONTIAC08G8GT1530d ago

Personally I feel Titanfall was a solid 8/9. Multiplayer only, but it was new and different. No other game really did the things Titanfall did. I've always been a proponent of no single player because I love MP and think that's where a game can really last. Titanfall in general was well received and got mostly 8,9, or 10's. Destiny so far isn't cracking that barrier. You cannot review Titanfall poorly because it doesnt have a single player. Titanfall is a MP game and should be reviewed as such. Destiny is a single player/MP game so it should be rated based on that. Good single player, crappy MP, then the score should reflect that.

filipakos1530d ago

MAG sais Hi!

BattleAxe1530d ago

MAG and Socom: Confrontation are two games which show the problem with online-only games....they get shut down rather quick sometimes. If the Resistance games were online-only, they would be about as useful as a coffee coaster, seeing as how Sony shut the servers down to all three games on PS3 not too long ago.

UltraNova1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


"You cannot review Titanfall poorly because it doesnt have a single player. Titanfall is a MP game and should be reviewed as such. Destiny is a single player/MP game so it should be rated based on that. Good single player, crappy MP, then the score should reflect that."

Let me rephrase that for you to reflect reality:

You SHOULD review Titanfall poorly because it doesn't have a single player AND STILL COSTS $60. Titanfall is A $60 MP game and should be reviewed as such. Destiny is a single player AND MP game so it should be rated based on that AND ITS PRICE. Good single player, AVERAGE MP, then the score should reflect that."

That's more like it...

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Johnsonparts231530d ago

Believe me. It's fun as hell and I'll be playing for years to come.

SCW19821530d ago

Don't know why it's getting so much hate this game rules

Flamingweazel1530d ago

@SCW It isnt very good, shallow, simplistic, repetitive...not a single imaginative thing about it, just generic, after all this hype.

ScottyHoss1530d ago

This game has so many varying opinions; some people love it, some hate it, whether it's PvP, Coop, the lore/story of the game everyone is split, which is amazing.

Personally, I was too lost in this game and exploring the world with my friends, fighting epic battles and absolutely loving it that I didn't even look at N4G for the longest time in months, so I'm going to assume the haters outnumber the lovers here for that reason. That doesn't make the negative reviews any less worthy, but simply put those who like it LOVE it, those who dislike it HATE it.

gamer4lifeyo1530d ago

It's gonna get mixed reviews. Having no real story hurt this game. I was expecting one cuz what work they did with halo. From what I get, it's really only fun if you play with friends, which is unfortunate. If it had a great story to this game I would buy it.

NiteX1530d ago

Wait... how could you possibly expect a story if you've played Halo before? That's the biggest thing the game's share IMO.

PONTIAC08G8GT1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Sorry but I kind of agree with the review. I think this game is more along the lines of a 7 than a 6, but its not the 9 or 10 everyone was thinking it would be and not what Bungie claimed it to be.

In terms of re playability, I'm not sure how long it will take for someone to get tired of doing the same task 100 times. One of my biggest complaints is the enemy spawn locations. It's the same every time. I know I can wait in 1 area and fight a couple monsters. Or if I run through this area that I know what's waiting for me each time.

I think the potential was huge, but Destiny misses the boat. It's not a bad game by any means, but it doesn't have me wanting and waiting to play it. Usually when I buy a game, I play that over everything else I have. But I find myself debating if I should play Diablo, Madden, or Destiny.

But in my opinion, Destiny fails to blow me away and really pull me in. The MP isn't the next Halo or COD. The variety of guns is highly disappointing when compared to Borderlands. I think Titanfall had a better story lol. Armor pieces are lacking. The level cap is set low. Characters arent really different as opposed to Diablo or Borderlands where each plays so different. And the open world is nice, but its so bland. There are no random animals moving about or anything going on, no destructible environments or objects. Empty rooms and caves that offer zero value.

dasbeer881530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

But...but-but it's Bungie man! It's BUNGIE!! They never f*** up their games!! And it was advertised on the PS4!! And most of the fanbase is on Sony's platform! It shouldn't suck! I've already put in 500 hours into the beta and I'm already loving the repetition of the game! You're just being a hater for expressing your honest opinion!! >:O


BattleTorn1530d ago

"Titanfall had a better story"

Stopped read there.

EvilWay1530d ago

Well said. I agree 100%

cell9891530d ago

I have only played about 2-3 hours in, and I do agree the environments are a little bland, sometimes just empty rooms where you would expect to find hidden loot or something, but no, its just there for no reason. Borderlands ruined it for me in the looting dept.

The guns are not that great either, at least not yet :/ but Im hoping that improves with progression.

I have only played the game solo so far and yeah its not that great, I had more fun playing Killzones campaign, but I have hopes the coop with friends is where the game redeems its self. Apparently thats the bread and butter of this game.

The problem is you cant start coop right away and thats killing it for a lot of people who think the solo campaign will be like that forever, Bungie should have allowed coop from the get go, since so far the story isnt even that interesting.

PONTIAC08G8GT1530d ago

@battle torn

I guess the LOL next to "titanfall had a better story" was difficult for you to understand. It was a joke that Destiny's story isn't very good.

SockeyBoy1529d ago

Yeah man totally agree. Although I never played Titanfall. I was expecting so much more from Bungie. Here's hoping number 2 will be a much better game. I'll wait to read some reviews this time though.

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Trekster_Gamer1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Review is spot on…

If one word has made this game somewhat boring it would be REPITITION !

Lack of story and immersion come to mind.. I had much higher expectations.

It's ok, It's been years since I have played Halo 2.

The Master Chief Collection can't release fast enough now for me!

joab7771530d ago

I can't argue with this review. They tried so hard to shy away from the mmo experience by blending all of halo's elements into a shared world. In the process the mmo aspects are shallow and the sp is non existent.

Now, the core is strong, very strong, and fortunately, mmo's always start w limited content. So, all they need to do is go all in on that. Give us more content, better ways to communicate, much more customization, clans and clan hangouts, and epic loot to chase, and we will be fine. Eventually they can have events and maybe allow trading of gear for older content.

It's far from over but they need to recognize the direction they need to go. Blending shallow single player w/ shallow multilayer doesn't work. And now there is only one direction to head.

I fear that the intended game would have included at least 1 dlc pack, but they broke it up for 2 reasons. and they could keep up with content additions. It's always what buries an new endgame content.

Hey bungie, go talk to Yoshi from FF14. He will tell u how to have a successful 1st yr.

3-4-51529d ago

This game is awesome IMO. It has a ton of content, and if you've played a game like WoW, you know where the REAL replay value is.

The PvP & the Raids/Strikes.

JeffGUNZ1529d ago

This is one of the few games I could care less about reviews. I had zero hype for this game till they opened the beta. Once I played it, I fell in love the more time I invested. If you loving shooters, if you love collecting loot, and you love playing with friends, then Destiny is the game for you.

This game shines on Strikes with friends and Raids. I have yet to play Raids but they are strikes times a thousand, so I believe that should be a blast. I have spent just over 13 hours (according to the APP) and haven't played one Crucible map yet. This game has a lot of replay value, but it HAS to be your type of game.

BallsEye1529d ago

I'm having lot's of fun in the game with my mates, but it's surely not what they've advertised. For those who compare to their previous game, it's nowhere near halo. It just looks like bungie is getting old and try too hard to replicate success of halo. Honestly, I'm very glad 343 took over their franchise. Why? Bungie still struggles at most important aspects of FPS game. For example sounds..

here is what 343 did with halo sounds. It's mind blowing difference! How come Destiny guns still sound so pewpew? Even music. I mean main score is great, but battle music sometimes sound like an asian karaoke machine. Why the lore is so uninspired? It's like they took enemies from halo and totally removed everything that made them unique. Why there is no proximity chat? I mean, even in halo when you play pvp match, and your enemy is really close to you, you can hear him talk. Why can't we have this Destiny's Tower? It's totally anti-social game =/. I do have friends to play it with but still wanna meet new ones, and having to invite people to fireteam just to ask if they wanna do a quest is worst design choice ever. Why graphics are so last-gen and run in 30 fps on both machines? Bungie, I have huge respect for you and I'm always a fan, but you're getting old and need to keep up with today's standards (in a good way, not bad "do what COD do" way).

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gamerfan09091530d ago

I think the review was pretty fair. A 6/10 might be a little too harsh on it, but from reading the review I can't really call this article flaimbait or thrash it. This was a well written, well argued, thoughtful piece. N4G needs to submit more of these articles as opposed to the neckbeard flaimbait articles. I've played a tad bit of the game on a buddies PS4. About 3 hours, so my opinion should not be valued. But the story, from what I've played, is awful. No where near as interesting or iconic as Halo. I still have to play more it to give my own opinion on it.

Profexxion1530d ago

The story is complete trash throughout the basic leveling process (1-10 or so), but when you hit Venus things become interesting.

cell9891530d ago

but why design a game like that? where it takes how many hours to actually get interesting? it shouldnt be like that, the game should grasp your attention from the minute you first play it. Im suffering from this right now since I have not played coop or reached Venus as you suggest, and so far its kind of boring :( the story is lame and very poor written. Even the voice of ghost (your companion) sounds out of place so its distracting

Sev1530d ago

Finally, a reviewer that didn't get caught up in the hype.

KTF261530d ago

May be he get caught up in the hype but He's disappointed
huge PR campaign and the screams of fans can lead to big disappointment
Or may be you're right
I can't say anything about the game because I didn't played it and I'm not interested into MMOs

Battlefieldlover1530d ago

Really? I can point to about 200 more just like it. Who are you kidding? It's freaking haters christmas with anything to do with Destiny.

pompous1530d ago Show
UnwanteDreamz1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

The first expansion drops December. Everyone I play with loves the game. I give 2 @#$/s what someone who canceled their preorders over reviews thinks. I only preorder games I know I want. I dont need other people to tell me what to play especially some faceless negative nancy on the web. I've been noticing alot of the people who really dont like the game havent even played it.

ArtificiallyYours1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I sure hope for Bungie's sake this game takes off later on, I'd hate to see them go bankrupt from a dead money whale. It'd change the Halo and Marathon (or what is there of it) communities forever.

radler1530d ago

The game will be a critical disappointment but a commercial success. The gaming media hyped people into such a frenzy that the game sold a ridiculous amount of copies before any reviews even appeared. The game could get 5/10's from every reviewer and it wouldn't affect Bungie at all because the game has been a success.

People were shocked at the $500 million investment into the Destiny franchise from Activision, and yet they announced they'd made that much money what, two days ago? It's already recouped the insane investment, you can bet that right now Bundie are hard at work crafting as much DLC as possible to milk the fans before the sequel arrives.

PONTIAC08G8GT1530d ago

This game has zero chances of failing. Everyone thought Titanfall was the most hyped game, but Destiny now takes the cake. And at least Titanfall scored 8's and 9's consistently. So far I've seen 2 reviews, both 6's. I haven't seen sales numbers but this game is #1 selling game for both Xbox and PS on Amazon right now. I'm hoping for improvements on future installments.

Lionalliance1530d ago

I find this game to be a 7 or 8

Funantic11530d ago

Maybe a 5.7 or 5.8 at most. The game sucks. Read the comments. People are disappointed.

Johnsonparts231529d ago

Lol ya, read the comments......on N4g.... Nuff said.

mrpsychoticstalker1529d ago

Nope. More like 5 it was to be expected, Bungie tried to hard to beat halo masterpiece, people are not happy with destiny.