New TF2 Pyro Weapon Unveiled in Sniper Vignette

Though the official details aren't slated to arrive until tomorrow, the latest Team Fortress 2 character vignette contains a brief glimpse of Pyro's second unlockable weapon.
The device, which appears to be a blunderbuss, joins the Axtinguisher as one of the three unlockable weapons for the fire-happy Pyro class.

As with the recent Medic update, the weapons will be available to players once they earn a set number of class-specific achievements.

Hit the jump for images and a video.

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moses3835d ago

The info IS released. The "blunderbuss" they speak of is actually a long range flare gun.

The second is a backburner, in which you get crit when you flame someone in the back.

And the third as said is the Axtinguisher.

BrotherNick3835d ago

This is going to be fun, I play pyro a lot.

Xi3835d ago

the abilityto deflect rocket or something.

BrotherNick3835d ago

Oh, just to tell people, tf2 is free this weekend to play.

Xi3835d ago

the flare gun being the same as the pyro rockets.

GodsHand3835d ago

True, but far from being a classic like the orginal. They need to bring back the spy beinging able to feign (fake death), I know you can go transparent but that's not the same. I still miss the grenads, especially the EMP from the engineer throwing them with metal packs for big expolsion. or just priming the emp to do a suicide run, ala kamakazi stlye.

Xi3835d ago

and it looks like the pyro might also be getting a tool to do weapon jumps via the new secondary fire on the flame-thrower.

BrotherNick3835d ago

omg really? more ways to ambush. :D