Destiny's first event, Salvage, now live as a Crucible playlist

GameZone: "Destiny's first in-game event is officially live. It comes in the form of a new Crucible Playlist, "Salvage" is a new PvP objective mode where you'll fight to claim and salvage relics on small to medium sized maps built for 3v3 combat."

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ShowGun9011403d ago

just played it last night, its like headquarters on CoD, fast paced and alot of fun... bring a team! pick up can kill you on this mode LOL!

Shadonic1403d ago

Was playing it with friends last night, had some intense battles.

Viryu1403d ago

It's nowhere near being an "event." It's just like control mode, but with half less people, and only one control point at a time.

LAWSON721402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

It is my new fav game type, but only because I like skirmish and it is better with objectives. 3v3 is very team based and not just mindless action like the bigger 6v6. Hopefully CTF and many other game types come to the game