Little Big Planet Karting Might Be Coming To The PS Vita

Little Big Planet Karting might be headed to the PS Vita.

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Ravi2012PSN1438d ago

didnt buy it on ps3 but its a DEFINATE BUY ON MY VITA :D

guitarded771438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

I bought it when it was on sale for $10. It's not a bad game, but like ModNation before it, the load times are too great to be a real fast/fun experience. It's interesting because Mario Kart is great with 1/4 of the features of LBP Karting and ModNation. I love kart racers, but I would rather see Sony do something like A PS All-Stars racing game with all their different characters. If they could do that with a more streamlined/faster loading game, it could be amazing. They don't have to make the environments and tracks so god awful detailed. It feels like you're competing against the track in Sony racing games, not the competition. They need to ease up on the track design and make them more memorable.

bouzebbal1438d ago

would be a pretty good fit for Vita!

Ravi2012PSN1437d ago

thanks for the info, bubble up added :). i just jump on every reason to buy vita games these days. WANNA SHOW THEM WE WANT FREAKING VITA GAMES DAMMIT!!!!!!! i gues ill live with some long loads *small thing*

DanielGearSolid1438d ago

Change it to LittleBigKarting or LittleBigRacing

LBP Karting is the sh*tiest name for a game

bouzebbal1436d ago

not as bad as Project Cars, that name sounds so bad

WickedLester1438d ago

I thought this game sucked on PS3. I wish they'd do another Mod Nation Racers. That game kicked ass.

Skate-AK1438d ago

Would be cool. The company that made it is working on the Sleeping Dogs DE and sequel right now.

GuruStarr781438d ago

Yes, please!! I liked it on ps3, but I can see playing it alot more on Vita.. especially since modnation was such a letdown on Vita... although sonic racing on vita was pretty solid..

captainexplosion1438d ago

There should have been a Vita version of this right from the beginning. Instead of Modnation Racing they should have just ported over LBP Karting. Would have been cheaper and better for the Vita.

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The story is too old to be commented.