Which Game Has Taken Up Most Of Your Play Time In 2014?

Of all the titles you've sampled so far this year, which one has earned the most play time? Which is the one that has sapped more of your free time?

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DonDon1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Dark Souls 2 for me. Though it isn't even half as challenging or fun as DS1. Still a good game.

Also, I own Diablo 3 for ps3, but no matter how many times I return to it (me and wife play co-op to lessen the boredom) it just seems so repetitive. I thought it would be like Gauntlet with deep rpg elements. But the same boring repetitive attacks against mindless monotonous A.I. hordes bored us. Am I missing something here? Does Diablo 3 get more strategic and varied the more I stick to it? Should I bother to continue? Any Diablo 3 fans out there who know?

CloudRap1484d ago

BF4 on PS4 and Titanfall on Xb1 for me, this year has had one of the worst droughts, November can't come soon enough.