Splatoon, Project Guard, Project Giant Robot & Starfox - More Titles in Development

"Splatoon, Project Guard, Project Giant Robot & Starfox Come from Garage Development Programme - More Titles in Development

Below is a quote from Edge's interview with Miyamoto."

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reddevilandy101240d ago

Strange, but the two games I'm most looking forward to are Spatoon and Destiny (although I know the latter is for the PS4).

I hope more games like Splatoon comes to Nintendo.

wonderfulmonkeyman1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Also for PS3, my friend.
If I get it, it'll be there, or on my ASUS laptop.
I'll gladly deal with lesser graphics if I'm allowed to play online for free.

Big_Game_Hunters1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Now that we are on the topic, People defend gold an plus by saying you get "free "games yet steam has free games every weekend. Sure you only get the weekend to beat them, but who can't beat a game like dishonored in 72 hours?

Just goes to show paying for online is a major ripoff, PSN and LIVE don't even let you choose your own avatar, you have to pick from what they give you. Literally one of the most basic of features.

weekev151240d ago

My phone disagreed when scrolling. Meant to agree, sorry. I love starfox.

aerisbueller1240d ago

Thank goodness they're finally taking steps to start making original IP again. About damn time.

700p1240d ago

great news for nintendo fans!

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