Nintendo and Sony get caught in Microsoft's Xbox360 Mousetrap

Some good old-fashioned marketing and one heck of a bundle deal could prove to be the shot of adrenaline that the Xbox 360 needed to boost its system sales here in North America.

Bill Gates told the world about six months ago that Halo 3 would be released day and date with the PlayStation 3, but that proved to be more of a smoke screen than a promise.

Retailers and analysts across North America confirm that the hottest selling gaming console this past weekend was the Xbox 360.

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Marriot VP4408d ago

haha, your hilarious, only one bubble

Xtrm L1481L1TY4407d ago

Poor PS3 Fan and his one comment bubble.

holynerds4408d ago

I would ask why you said that, but ... you cant respond.

Back to your hole troll!

eques judicii4408d ago

according to the xbox360 has sold a few hundred thousand units over the weekend you have to wonder if there isn't a little bias in an article posted on msn...

uxo224407d ago

Is next gen wars covering sales in canada also. Besides, they were saying that the big winner was microsoft because their stores sold more xbox360s because they had more available.

holynerds4408d ago

Its almost a half million 360's sold on nextgenwars.

But, that site is not completely accurate by their own admission.

Todd Mowatt, the writer of the article, has written other articles about the PS3, and I believe Wii, that really arent Pro-MS.

Im a gamer, I dont care who 'wins' this fictional war. I just thought it was interesting that - even with year old tech and going against all the glitter that is a console launch - MS's 360 did well more then hold its own.

eques judicii4408d ago

i do admit i'm biased to 360 (gears of war is eating up too much of my time) but i'll wait for microsoft's fiscal report before jumping to any conclusions...

this generation should benefit all gamers though.

holynerds4408d ago

Could not agree more.

The games that are being released (at least for the 360) are some of the best Ive played in YEARS - and thats because of the intense competition thats going on in the industry right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.