Zoe Quinn and the Real Problem with Games Journalism

Robin examines the controversy around Zoe Quinn, why it blew up in the way it did and where the real problems in games journalism lie.

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Gh05t1332d ago

"George Zimmerman walked free from shooting an unarmed minor and received nothing like this level of treatment."

Are you kidding me? Please tell me you understand that there is a huge difference between these situations.

"’s easy now that any monkey with a blog can do it."

I'm am glad to see that you realize your article is on par with what poo flinging monkeys can write. Your holier than though, attitude in this article is staggering. You dont bring up half the problems people have with Zoe (Excluding her sex life of course) and refuse to show how that paints her character and perception to the public. You are basically saying just ignore it because there is worse out there.

How about we not ignore this, find the truth, and ask why there has been such a huge attempt to bury the story when it emerged. I don't believe she deserves to have her life threatened with physical abuse or hacked (allegedly). However just because some internet jack holes are doing that does not mean that you stop investigating.

Separate yourself from them and the actions people are doing to her. They aren't right but just because people are being mean to her doesn't make what she did any less of a problem and it does not mean we don't keep applying pressure to find the truth and solve a problem.

StifflerK1332d ago

Well sure , there are problems in the media with fanboyism , flamebaiting , moneyhatting etc

The 'real problem' with journalism is that some Journalists aren't actually doing as they should.
There's a real lack of integrity and professionalism - which applies just as much to the above as it does to the 'Quinnspiracy'.

People aren't mad about Quinn's personal life , it 's what her AND her associates have done. Things which are arguably against the law, which they have shown no regret or remorse for, and are now actively trying to censor.

Gamer's just want to enjoy their games without all the meaningless BS that seems to stem directly from these media sites.

If anything this scandal further reinforces just how rotten the system is, + gives the opportunity for people talk about the issues and hopefully have some changes made.

Jdoki1331d ago

@Gh05t and StifflerK

Those are two of the best responses I've seen to this fiasco. And echo my own thoughts as well.

Well said!

Part of the problem with 'corruption' in the gaming journalism industry is that we have so many 'journalists' with zero training or qualifications in the field.

And far too many of these journos are just lookgin to be best pals with the developers. The amount of pandering I see on IGN and other sites is disgusting. There's far too much ego in gaming.

Then we have bottom feeding blogs who just regurgitate the stories other have broken is not adding any value (only spin), integrity or research - all for clicks.