Horror, RPGs, and Puzzlers Get Prices Slashed in this Week’s Atlus PSN sale

Atlus has a pile of great games available for bargain prices this week on PSN. You can find everything from RPGs, horror, and puzzlers in this week’s offerings. Most notable being Fronzenbyte’s stunning cooperative fantasy adventure Trine 2 and Odyssey developer ACE Team’s Rock of Ages and Zeno Clash II for a mere $1.99, among others.

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levian1456d ago

North American, or USA specific?

Lionalliance1456d ago

another Atlus sale :O?! wow!

PS3Freak1456d ago

The Cursed Crusade is a horrible game.

Do not buy; even for 2.99.

Hold_It1455d ago

Zero Escape Virtue's Last Reward still isn't on sale? C'mon Atlus.