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Abyss Odyssey Meets Zeno Clash; New Screens

164d ago - Chilean developer ACE Team’s new update merges the world of Zeno Clash II with Abyss Odyssey, let... | PC

Abyss Odyssey Crossing over with Zeno Clash II

165d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Two of Atlus' most atypical games are crossing over. | PC

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Horror, RPGs, and Puzzlers Get Prices Slashed in this Week’s Atlus PSN sale

219d ago - Atlus has a pile of great games available for bargain prices this week on PSN. You can find every... | PS3

Zeno Clash 2 crosses over with Rock of Ages

386d ago - In one of those ‘wait, what?’ game-crossover moments, punchy punch-em-up Zeno Clash 2 has mixed t... | PC

Abyss Odyssey, 2D Action platformer with Complex Fighting Mechanics

388d ago - Abyss Odyssey is a great looking new multiplayer 2D side scrolling action-platformer (whew!) with... | PC

Most Disappointing Game of 2013

458d ago - Sometimes video games really bum us out, so Hidden Audio log is here to declare what they believe... | PC

The weirdest, silliest, and most downright disturbing games of 2013

461d ago - You know how it is: Some games are good, some are bad, and some are too weird or embarrassing to... | PC

The Top 4 Strangest Games of 2013

577d ago - The four games listed below might not be for everyone, but those who enjoy stepping outside of th... | PC

Gi - Zeno Clash II (PS3) Review

585d ago - Gi - Zeno Clash II is the sequel to the award winning First-Person brawler by Ace Team. This time... | PS3

Review: Zeno Clash II | Metro Gaming

587d ago - Ace Team’s Zeno Clash was a remarkably confident indie project that got noticed thanks to its wel... | PC

In-depth Review: Zeno Clash II - Electronic Theatre

592d ago - The original Zeno Clash was a videogame that received significant acclaim for both its unique wor... | PC

Zeno Clash II Review | GamingExcellence

593d ago - Zeno Clash II is a good definition of a sequel - it builds upon its predecessor while keeping the... | PC

Zeno Clash II Review | HAL

596d ago - Isaac Wagner: "Zeno Clash II is a game I want to love unconditionally, but I just can't. Its prob... | PC

Zeno Clash 2 Review - 6aming

600d ago - 6aming's review of Zeno Clash 2. If there’s one piece of advice I can impart to future players of... | PC

Zeno Clash II Review (PS3 Port) | Laser Lemming

600d ago - "Still, the fact of the matter is that you can hit a historically inaccurate crab in its weak poi... | PC

Zeno Clash 2 Review | post it gamer

602d ago - Brian from postitgamer.com states "Bigger is not always better and Zeno Clash 2 manages to prove... | PC

ADG Short And Simple Review: Zeno Clash II

602d ago - ADG breaks down Zeno Clash II in a Short And Simple Review. | PC

Game Under Podcast Episode 17

602d ago - In episode 17 of the Game Under Podcast, Tom Towers gives in-depth impressions of the PS3 port of... | PC

Zeno Clash II Review - XCLANN

602d ago - Grant wrote - "It also tried to have a convoluted story that I really couldn’t follow, although t... | PC

Zeno Clash II Review | OXM

602d ago - OXM: "Zeno Clash II is a good value for its $15 price tag, with engaging combat and a bizarre aes... | Xbox 360

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Zeno Clash II Review | GamerFuzion

606d ago - The Zeno Clash II Review will provide you with the good and bad about the game and if is a great... | PC

Two New Challenge Modes, Trading Cards and a Sale Arrive for Zeno Clash II on Steam

606d ago - New reasons two purchase Zeno Clash II if you haven't already. | PC

Zeno Clash II vs your frame-rate: New challenge maps released

607d ago - A pair of free challenge maps have descended upon the PC version of Zeno Clash II today, along wi... | PC

Zeno Clash II Walkthrough

607d ago - The Zeno Clash II Walkthrough will guide you through all the levels in the game and provide you w... | PC

Zeno Clash II Review (Gamerhub)

608d ago - This sequel is weird as heck, but fans should enjoy it. | PC
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