Crytek says it will fix its damaged reputation with quality products

Crytek co-founder Avni Yerli admits that the studio’s reputation has been damaged by recent controversy, but that the firm can turn that around.

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SaveFerris1460d ago

Maybe they should try mobile games? I dunno.

Hopefully they can turn things around.

Future_20151460d ago

They need maybe a new engine, the engine gameplay elements are very lacklustre

sobotz1460d ago

Their engine is fine. Maybe they need to lower its price.

bouzebbal1460d ago

it's about time Crytek. Start firing that moron CEO.
it's the brother saying this? oh well...

Supporter1459d ago

I Really hope crytek fix things all of them. To me they have done no harm.

I wish them nothing bad. I personally think any dev is a good dev. Theres no sense in Putting down a good dev when they're down, their engine rocks and they are loaded with talent.

Good luck crytek

ABizzel11459d ago

They got to big for their britches.

1. They have an amazing engine, but they're not an amazing developer. Their main goal should be getting their engine in the hands of more developers. Lower the price of entry, before Unreal Engine 4 takes over everything, or developers start making their own. Regardless of if you think your engine is better, you can't enter a market that's already dominated by a competitor without offering a comparable / better product and at a reduced price.

2. Next they need to split into small teams and work on smaller projects. Building huge $60 games isn't their strong suit right now, so focus on smaller projects like a multiplayer only FPS, a short action adventure game in the same vein as Darkstalkers, overall treat your company as a powerhouse AAA indie like Ninja Theory is doing. The middle dev is gone, you either have to be a AAA dev or indie. So make multiple good $20 games, instead of trying to make a big $60 that ends up being average at best, especially considering all the talent you pulled from THQ.

3. Hire writers and developer who focus on gameplay. These are the two greatest weaknesses of Crytek. Ryse had a good story, but the gameplay was average at best. Crysis has above average gameplay, with average writing at best. You can't make $60 games with that kind of balance. Graphics only get you so far (for the most part it only gets you instantly noticed). Once you have your team fully prepared then you can go back to making $60 games.

That's what needs to happen for them to recover, and even then it's going to take most of this generation. So licensing your engine needs to be a huge priority, then making smaller budget games, then team building, then you can get back into the AAA scene if that's what you want.

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Summons751459d ago

They said try to FIX their damaged image, not dowse it in gasoline and set it ablaze. What they need to do is stop focusing on making the most realistic looking game and focus on the best gameplay, art style, story they can make. Gameplay always > graphics and they really never learned that in school or from history.

SCW19821460d ago

I won't buy another product until they fire Cevat. What he did was inexcusable.

CaptainFaisal1460d ago

Cevat knows what he's doing. Im sure all these changes will lead to something better! I feel sorry for the guys who got layed off and im sure they would easily get their jobs back once Crytek have enough capital to support all those devs. And i have a feeling that they have learnt their lesson and will develop quality games after 2 years or so.

nutcrackr1460d ago

Lucky because there will be no other products to buy after Ryse on PC. They are going F2P.

700p1460d ago

What did he do that hurt you so much???

DarkOcelet1460d ago

If you fix your gameplay department then everything will be good , ryse had a good story and incredible graphics just needed a better gameplay to be a great game .

CaptainSellers1460d ago

Now please make something that has actual good gameplay and not spend all the effort on shiny graphics.

starchild1459d ago

Eh...I enjoyed the hell out of the gameplay in the Crysis games. Excellent gameplay, amazing graphics and an average story all added up to a good game to me. Crysis is one of the only first person shooters that I can play with stealth and strategy. The gameplay is dynamic and that is one of the things I love about it. Most shooters are almost nothing but shooting galleries.

Whitey2k1460d ago

They need to stop screwing around and make there games multiplat instead of having he's head up Phil's ass its Microsoft that put them where they are

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