Petition Calling for Robin Williams to Feature in the New Zelda Game Passes 100,000-Signature Mark

A fan-made petition calling for legendary comedian and actor Robin Williams to be included in the upcoming Zelda title for Wii U has passed more than 100,000 signatures.

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randomass1711498d ago

Lots of dedication. Would be nice if Nintendo did what Blizzard was already doing.

gerbwmu1498d ago

A thoughtful dedication doesn't need to be revealed now and it doesn't need to mean anything to anyone other then Nintendo and the Williams' Family. I'm sure Nintendo will find a way to honor his memory when they feel the time is right.

For now continued prayers for the family. No matter who you are this is an agonizing thing to have to go through.

bouzebbal1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

i would understand and even fully support it if he died a natural death..
the guy killed himself, he was tired of this life and no tribute for people like this..
no matter what problem you have in life there is always a solution cause it's so coward to decide to flee this life.

this is my rant of the day.

FriedGoat1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Suicide is hardly an easy option, bet you wouldn't have the balls to do it abzdiine.

It must take such immense pain and suffering to be able to think that KILLING yourself is the only option. Mind you i'd hardly expect someone as ignorant as yourself to empathise with anyone with depression.

I have no idea, i'm not depressed, but i'm pretty sure killing yourself isn't cowardly.

I love the fact that children in here think that depression is just feeling a little sad or something...

jimjam34421498d ago

pretty rediculous they didnt just outright do it. i mean the dudes daughter is named after one if their most successful franchises( as in a REAL person) yet they cannot make a npc named Robin? theres no better free advertising than a PERSON named after your games. nintendo! be friendly to the most family friendly actor in hollywood please!

callahan091498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

They just create some comic relief characters: two Robins (the birds) each named William, and they parrot each other and berate each other for comic effect while giving you useful information. William and William: the robin Williams. OK, ok, so it's super corny. But, then you remember that Nintendo put that weird Tingle guy in Zelda before and anything can happen! Also, at least it's somewhat subtle too because you have to actually notice it, it's not in your face.

3-4-51498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I hope Nintendo " gets/comprehends/understands " the importance of a decision like this.

It's really a no brainer and might make them look clueless or bad by not doing something for him.

They obviously aren't obligated to, but it's such an obvious good decision, but sometimes those are the ones Nintendo screws up.

I hope they get this right. If anyone, Robin Williams would be perfect as an NPC in the world of the Legend of Zelda.

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link2Dpast1498d ago

I think it would be pretty cool if they made his face in the stars apart of the constellation, from what was shown this game is gonna be huge so.plenty of space in the sky

demonicale1498d ago

Think it would be better not to give a tribute to a man who cowardly took his own life, and didn't spare a thought for his own family who are now scared for life.

WeAreLegion1498d ago

That's a gross oversimplification of what happened. He was depressed. He was bi-polar. Yes, it sucks that he did it, but life is complicated.

DiscoKid1498d ago

I don't think he killed himself. He wasn't willing to let his daughter be a masonic sacrifice, so he offered himself instead.

lsujester1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Come on, demon. The man brought joy to millions of people over the decades. You would be extremely hard pressed to find anyone in this country who wasn't touched by his performances at some point or another.

Yes, he had some serious personal problems and took his life because of them, but that's not the point. We are celebrating the man's life, not his final moments, no matter how sad. I don't see any issue if Nintendo wanted to make a Easter egg tribute of some sort in their new game.

Testfire1498d ago

Agreed. There are many terminally ill people that die everyday who are much more deserving of the attention Williams is getting. How about honoring people who have the courage to fight to the end and not take the easy way out?
Instead we give attention to these Hollywood stars that gave up on life. Just because they came on TV doesn't make them any more important than others.

BiggerBoss1498d ago

How can you feel good about yourself as a person after saying that? I'm so disgusted right now it's not even funny. Depression is a terrible condition, and when it gets to the point of someone taking their own life, it's hardly something to make fun of. I just can't even come up with a good response to such a terrible comment

FriedGoat1498d ago

These people with absolutely no grasp on what depression is need to be shot.

I've read more ignorance in this comment thread than on the whole of N4G for the last month.

Sketchy_Galore1498d ago

Step 1. Learn the difference between 'scared' and 'scarred'.

Step 2. Declare yourself an authority on suicide and mental illness.

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turdburgler10801498d ago

I still say they should throw in David carradine. He died from hanging too but it was way more interesting. Found in a closet in Thailand wearing women's underwear. Link opens a closet and out pops the body of David carradine. Priceless.

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