Sacred 3 Former Dev Confesses - Game Should Be Named Differently But The "3" Obviously Sells Better

Sacred 3 was released earlier this month and to everyone’s surprise, it wasn’t a true successor to the Sacred series. The game lacked a lot of features, felt underwhelmed, and was not as good as Sacred 2. In short, it was a major disappointment for fans of the series and according to a former dev, everyone (including both the development team and the publisher) already knew that this game was never meant to be a true sequel to Sacred 2.

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equal_youth1497d ago

if this goes on we will never talk about games and gameplay and more about money, sales and how to wreck the gaming industry to the ground. this is just fucked up. rip the best parts of sacred then release it with a 3 attached and of course it will sell. and then when everybody has excepted that the game is garbage just announce a fourth one and promise everything will be better and also swear that you will learn from your mistakes and build upon what people want. sacred2.
this story reminds me of battlefield and so on. clearly i hate those suits and analysts that make all of this happen. mindless and soulless B*******.

Darkwatchman1497d ago

well at least they're being honest

madjedi1497d ago

Damage is already done to the series any sacred game released in the future will likely be entirely ignored by fans.

They could have eliminated all this backlash by not pretending it was a real sacred game and instead giving it a different title that indicated it was a spin off.